About us

Why JumpStory?

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for users everywhere in the world to find the perfect image every time.

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We use AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning and GAN networks, in order to create an entirely new user experience in the visual industry. Some international media have named this strategy and our business approach ‘Netflix for images’.

It is our vision to reinvent the visual industry once and for all. We call it ‘reinventing visuals’. 

A "Born Global" startup

JumpStory was founded in Denmark in 2018, and we still have our headquarters here in Scandinavia. However, we already have customers in +30 countries and are growing rapidly every day.

Photo: Pernille Lau

Founders & ownership

Anders Thiim Harder and Jonathan Low created the vision behind JumpStory in the Spring of 2018. The JumpStory family has since been expanded to include technological expertise from Ambolt Holding ApS, which currently owns 11% of JumpStory ApS, while Borean Innovation A/S has made a large investment and acquired a 25% stake. 

Jonathan and Anders each own 32%, and are always happy to answer questions from the media, journalists, bloggers and others. 

Simply send an email to jl@jumpstory.com or call +45 28 78 54 50. 


Meet the team

  • Anders Thiim Harder
    CEO & co-founder
  • Jonathan Loew
    COO & co-founder
  • Bettina Bendorf
  • Beatriz Martinez
    Head of Partnerships
  • Andreas B. Eriksen
  • Janus Lock
  • Mathias Andersen
  • Milana Majewska
  • Natalia Tobajas
    International marketing
  • Meile Roceviciute
    International marketing
  • Richard Vavrek
    International marketing
  • Soren Fink
    International marketing
  • Maja Stenberg
    Social media
  • Kira Opstrup
    Public relations
  • Frederik Krogh
  • Jeppe Kragelund
  • Andrius Baliutavicius
  • Tove Fensten
  • Esther
    JumpStorys dog
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Our offices


HQ Aarhus – Hojbjerg

Our head office is located south of the ‘city of smiles’. This is where our management, marketing and sales teams are based. 


Novi Science Park Aalborg

JumpStory’s technical team is housed in Novi in Aalborg, and works closely with the local university.


Palo Alto – Silicon Valley

We have access to meeting rooms in the heart of Silicon Valley for our international team.

Partnership with NVIDIA

NVIDIA Inception is a unique community, within which leading startups in the fields of AI and data science from around the world work together to create the future.

NVIDIA is a leading global producer of graphics cards, with annual revenue of over 9,7 billions US Dollars. We are working closely with NVIDIA to create images and visual content in a whole new way.

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