About JumpStory

Making the world more authentic - one visual at a time

Why the world needs JumpStory NOW

The digital hunger for authenticity has never been greater.

The rise of generative AI has multiplied the superficiality of social media, and the youth are complaining about this development hurting their self-image and worth.

At the same time marketers and other content creators experience a decline in the impact of fake looking content, and people are becoming increasingly critical about filters and staged content.

JumpStory addresses these problems and meets the digital hunger with a unique, generative AI-platform – empowering both content creators & marketers to serve users with better & more real content.

2020: The beginning of the JumpStory

As a small startup we began our journey in generative AI back in 2020. Back then we did our first fledgling experiments, and just like today we were fascinated and skeptical at the same time.

We were fascinated because we could see some obvious opportunities to make it easier for people to create illustrations, icons, 3D images, etc. via AI.

We were skeptical because humanity and authenticity are core values in our company. Could AI risk making the world more fake? Was it even compatible with our journey?

Over the following years, we have curated one of the internet’s largest collections of authentic photos and videos. Relatable visuals and powerful photos of real people.

Thanks to marketers, bloggers, designers, freelancers etc., JumpStory has become a strong alternative to the cliché stock photos from platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Deposit Photos, Unsplash etc.

Gone are the portraits of supermodels and perfect AI-images of us humans and some ideals that are completely impossible and unhealthy to live up to.

2023: The launch of EVERYDAY by JumpStory

Since our launch we’ve managed to become a significant player in visual content on the web. We’ve got users from +150 different countries, and the next natural step for us was to introduce our unique AI-tool named EVERYDAY.

EVERYDAY, like everything else we build, has been created based on our core values of authenticity; relatability and limitless possibilities.

This approach has given us access to serve a segment that shares our values. They have become increasingly loyal, but as we grow, so does our user base. This generates new requests and needs such as increasing the creative options on the platforms and providing people with even more authentic looking visuals.

We totally understand these needs, and we’re going to create exactly this. However, we’re not going to do it in the same way as AI-generators like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion etc.

We will continue to focus on relatable and down-to-earth images – even when they’re created by AI.

FUTURE: How authenticity & AI will co-exist

For content creators & marketers, who love our platform, authenticity is the key to have a true impact. Authenticity may at first seem difficult to combine with AI, but this is actually not the case, if you dig a little deeper.

At JumpStory it’s never been about whether a photo was taken by a professional photographer or created by authentic intelligence. In fact, most of the images on our existing platform are created by happy amateurs, and for them, the essence is the same as the model, we’re creating for our AI EVERYDAY:

To show a natural and relatable everyday life and reality.

Our future mission is to expand our authentic intelligence to areas, where we can contribute to a world with less stereotypes & staging and more authentic images with impact. We want to make authentic intelligence part of everyday life, or as Microsoft founder Bill Gates has put it:

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”

Content Authenticity Initiative

JumpStory is an official member of CEPIC. CEPIC stands for the Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press, and Heritage. As the Center of the Picture Industry, CEPIC federates 400 picture agencies and photo libraries in 20 countries across Europe, both within and outside the European Union.

We’re also members of CAI. The Content Authenticity Initiative is a group working together to fight misinformation and add a layer of verifiable trust to all types of digital content, starting with photo and video, through provenance and attribution solutions. We’re creating a secure end-to-end system for digital content provenance through open-source development, cross-industry collaboration, and interoperability of tools.