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JumpStory reinvents the photo & video industry and lets Marketeers everywhere access the world’s best visuals in one click.

Life as a Marketeer - after JumpStory

  • NO TIME WASTED browsing on 🥱 stock-photo platforms. JumpStory is directly integrated into all your favourite marketing tools.

  • NO MORE GUESSING which keywords to use. JumpStory’s AI automatically matches your content with relevant 📸 in seconds.

  • NO 💰 WASTED on bad marketing decisions. Our robot marketer identifies which visuals will have the most impact.

JumpStory gives you life as it SHOULD BE (as a Marketer 😊).

The story behind JumpStory

In the Summer of 2019, our Co-founder Jonathan Low was invited to speak about JumpStory at one of the largest tech-events in Europe – LOGIN. Watch his inspiring keynote below …

Here is what Dhiraj Mukherjee, founder of one of the world’s most popular apps – Shazam – (500 million users worldwide), wrote on his Twitter after our co-founder’s keynote:

Dhiraj quote

About six months later, in February of 2020, Low took part in the leading marketing-podcast and show in the UK to share more about, how JumpStory is changing the industry of stock photography:

A "Born Global" startup

JumpStory was founded in Denmark in 2018, and we still have our headquarters in Scandinavia. However, we already have customers in more than 100 countries and are growing rapidly every day.


Worlds Map

JumpStory timeline

Q1 2018

JumpStory is founded as a company


Q1 2018

Q2 2018

1st round investment from Borean

1st round investment

Q2 2018

Q4 2018

Launch in Denmark

danish flag

Q4 2018

Q2 2019

International launch

international launch

Q2 2019

Q3 2019

Customers in +60 countries

customers in many countries

Q3 2019

Q4 2019

2nd round investment from angels

2nd investment

Q4 2019

Q1 2020

Customers in +100 countries

Q1 2020

Our offices


HQ – Hojbjerg (Denmark)

Our head office is located just south of Aarhus – the ‘City of Smiles’.


AI – Aalborg

Our AI-team is  housed in Aalborg and works closely with the university.

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