Remove Background

Instantly remove the background on your images

Why waste a lot of time removing the background on a photo, when you can do it for free in a matter of seconds using JumpStory?

Magically remove image backgrounds

Thanks to the unique AI technology the image background is gone faster, than you can say the words “remove the background”.

Choose among millions of photos in the JumpStory library or upload your own photo to the archive and start removing backgrounds.

Edit, cut, crop and replace.

Use our simple image editor to add a different background color, apply filters and easily adjust color, size and shape.

Editing a photo is easy with one-click filters, text editor, and other features. Made a mistake? Check and manage versions easily or revert to earlier image versions.

Stunning and Professional Quality

Use the background removal tool to quickly create transparent images for your website, social media, presentations and banners.

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