Worst Reviews

What we learned from our worst reviews

JumpStory has the best customer reviews in the stock photo industry, but during our five year history we’ve also received some really bad ones. This page is dedicated to what we learned from these reviews …

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It can be difficult to listen, but it's a very important skill

We want to be honest with you. When we receive a bad review, it’s hard not to take it personal. We’ve put so many hours into JumpStory that it can be super frustrating to see people spending a few minutes on totally trashing what you have built.

However, it’s from some of our worst reviews that we’ve learned the most.
As Sir Richard Branson put it:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules.You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

Bad reviews about our billing

As these two reviews from Trustpilot clearly show, we had problems with our billing system at the time, when it came to handling cancellations.

It resulted in us sometimes billing users incorrectly, which was super frustrating at the time for both JumpStory and not least some of our users.

We decided to change to a billing-platform named Chargebee, and since then our Trustpilot rating has been the highest in the stock photo industry.

Bad reviews about our search

Back in early 2020 we received a number of complaints about our search engine.

People experienced that the accuracy was not good enough, and that our image library was too similar to some of the free image platforms.

We have since then dramatically improved the search as well as added both millions of authentic photos and a global insurance, which keeps users safe – things you never get on Unsplash, Pexels etc.

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