A powerful way of telling stories

‘JumpStories’ are a fusion of photography & film. They help you attract potential customers; generate more engagement, awareness, clicks & leads.

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What is a JumpStory?

  • JumpStories are a new and innovative image- format inspired by cinemagraphs.
  • JumpStories capture a small slice of time, but allow the viewer to enjoy it indefinitely.
  • JumpStories are great at creating awareness because they are discreet yet impactful.

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Boosts engagement & keeps attention much longer

We use machine learning to only show you JumpStories that are high-performing. We measure performance by the image’s ability to increase awareness & clicks. Here is what we found …


Organic reach improved by 70%


Engagement enhanced by 72%


Number of submissions up 20%

Landing Pages

CPC decreased by 45%

Social Media

Attention improved by up to 85%


Keeps attention 50% longer

sources: Graphitii.com, JumpStory.com, MarTech.org, Visu.al, Flixel, Purplegator, eConsultancy.com

Examples of our many amazing JumpStories ...