JumpStory 7-day free trial

Unfortunately it’s no longer possible to sign up to or access the JumpStory platform.

JumpStory was launched in 2019 with the ambition of challenging the cliches in the stock-photo industry. JumpStory wanted to change the status quo by providing the users with more authentic photos without the use of filters and supermodels. Thus establishing an alternative to platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images etc.

However, despite this important ambition, we’ve never reached break-even as a company, and JumpStory ApS has therefore had to enter into bankruptcy following from a court ruling by the Bankruptcy Court of Aarhus (Denmark) on the 26th of June 2024.

Attorney-at-law Per Hald from ‘Advokatfirmaet Hald’ was appointed as the trustee of the estate by the Court. For inquiries about the estate, please contact the trustee, attorney-at-law Per Hald by ph@hald-office.dk or phone-number +45 4028 8895.

If you wish to submit a claim in the estate, please contact attorney-at-law Christian Aispur through ca@hald-office.dk