Secret Sauce

In the future, finding visuals for marketing doesn’t take place
on boring stock-photo platforms. JumpStory’s secret sauce is the way
we revolutionize, how visual content is sourced, shown, stored and selected.

How JumpStory creates the future


  • We source from +500 million images from 100,000’s of photographers and video-makers

  • We use machine learning to automatically remove images that don’t look authentic

  • We use neuro-marketing & AI to reduce the library to only high-performing visuals

  • We build integrations for you to access the images, where you already work

  • We transform an entire industry from just being about images to images with impact

Technology partners

The future is just one click away

  • Remove the background on photos & videos with one click

  • Optimize big-size images to be used online with one click

  • Turn poor resolution images into high quality with one click

  • Tag and have your images made searchable with one click.

The vision of JumpStory by founder Jonathan Low

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