Secret Sauce

The future in the stock photo industry … as it should be!

In the future, searching for great photos, videos, icons, illustrations, vectors and soundtracks doesn’t take place on old-fashioned stock-photo platforms with millions of search results. JumpStory’s secret sauce is the way that we revolutionize, how visual content is sourced, shown, stored and selected.

How do we create the future?

  • Sourcing +500 million authentic looking photos, videos and soundtracks from 100.000’s of photographers and video-makers

  • Showing and integrating the visual content directly in your favourite marketing tools such as Mailchimp, PowerPoint, HubSpot etc.

  • Storing your company’s media in a simple way with AI powered auto-tagging

  • Selecting visual content not only based on gut feelings, but by automatically matching your texts with visuals and predicting the impact of each image.

We move the industry forward

JumpStory moves the industry forward by adding much more authenticity into the visuals as well as offering advanced AI-editing and enhancement options:

  • Automatically optimize images to web in one click

  • Automatically remove the background on images in one click

  • Automatically turn poor photos into print-ready image-files in one click

  • Automatically localize images by enabling users to change the ethnicity of the people on a photo in one click. 

And that’s just the beginning of how we reinvent the future of visuals!

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