We support saving animals from having to suffer

JumpStory are proud sponsors of the Rescue Zoo in Denmark – an amazing project and zoo saving excotic animals from research labs, illegal trade etc.

Why we support the rescue zoo?

JumpStory is not just a stock photo company. We’re a business with a strong emphasis on empathy, authenticity and diversity in everything, we do.
It’s part of our DNA.

When we heard about the Rescue Zoo, we were filled with both excitement and sadness. Excitement because there are people caring so much for wild animals that they build a place like this. Sadness because there is a need for a rescue zoo in the first place.

We believe in a world, where humans and animals coexist in sustainable ecosystems. Considering our company name we felt it would make perfect sense not only sponsor the Rescue Zoo, but also to make a specific donation for the wonderful, jumping kangaroos that they’ve provided a home for.

Learn more about how you can visit and support the Rescue Zoo too …

Daily Life in The Rescue Zoo

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