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100% relatable images

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JumpStory ❤️ authenticity

We are against a future in which fake-looking images are the norm rather than the exception.

JumpStory is here to empower you through relatable content because we think the real world is beautiful. We are proud to provide you with photos & videos that portray relatable & unstaged human experiences.

We’re not against using AI, but we don’t think it should be used to generate fake-looking people with unrealistic expectations.

Example of a fake-looking person created by the AI-tool DALL-E 2

Visuals you can relate to

We use machine learning (AI) to look for authentic images and to generate relatable visuals. So where some tech companies want to use AI to generate fake-looking images that feature unrealistic expectations, we’re going in the completely opposite direction. We want to contribute to a more authentic and real world. Not a fake one.

80% more impact than normal images

Visuals found using JumpStory perform up to 80% better than average stock images.

Make yourself seen! Maximize the value of your visuals by choosing relatable and inspiring images.