We promise you

100% authenticity and no AI-generated images

  • Only real and authentic photos, videos etc.
  • No AI-generated images or deepfakes
  • Best reviews in the industry

JumpStory ❤️ authenticity

JumpStory is against a future, in which AI-generated images are the norm rather than the exception. Call us old-fashioned but we believe that the REAL world is beautiful.

We’re proud that our photos & videos portray real human of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.

We’re not against the use of AI, but we don’t think it should be used to generate fake people or realities.

Example of a fake person created by the AI-tool DALL-E 2

What's authentic intelligence?

Technologies such as synthetic media and DALL-E 2 may seem fascinating, but they also come with a real risk.

They risk blurring the lines between real and fake, which will pose a fundamental threat to the trust between human beings.

JumpStory uses AI for a single purpose: To identify which images are original, authentic and of course legal to use.

We’ve named this ‘Authentic Intelligence’ ™.

80% more impact than normal images

Visuals found using JumpStory perform up to 80% better than average stock images. We believe it’s because of our focus on authenticity and diversity.