A loss of humantiy in marketing

When we established our first company back  in 1999, the internet looked like this …

Amazing things have happened since, but it’s also been a period extremely focused on clicks, impressions and tech. We feel that marketing has lost a little of the humantiy that once made it special, and this is one of the main reasons, why we’ve decided to create JumpStory.

Why does JumpStory exist?

JumpStory challenges and transforms the image industry. You know ‘our’ industry from companies like Shutterstock, Getty, Adobe and Unsplash, and you know the industry’s ‘expression’ through stock images that often look dull, overused and artificial.

JumpStory exists, because we believe in a different kind of marketing and visual expression. We support marketers in reaching people in a more personal way by making it super easy to find and use authentic and high-performing images of real people and real emotions.

If you want to learn more about our philosophy, please have a look at the two videos below, where our CEO and co-founder Jonathan Low explains the vision and technology behind JumpStory …

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