INTEGRATING takes a few hours – IMPACT is for a lifetime

Why integrate JumpStory into your product?

  • Your users will have unlimited access to 15.000.000 images

  • Your users can match their content with images in seconds

  • Your users can predict the performance of their photos

  • You will stand out from your competition.

Integrating the JumpStory API takes less than a day, so don’t stress about product and tech-roadmaps. It’s easier, than you think!

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Increase customer loyalty

Integrate JumpStory to increase product value and reduce customer churn.

Integrate JumpStory to upgrade users from one pricing model to another.

Increase your customers' sales

Images can improve content performance by more than 75%.

Images can boost conversion rates dramatically.

Fast and easy integration

API can be integrated in your solution in a matter of days.

API is fully customisable depending on your specific needs.

JumpStory - Works where you do

JumpStory is a Scandinavian technology company, and we specialize in visual content and AI-driven image impact.

We have been described as the ‘Netflix for images’ and currently have customers and integration-partners in +70 countries.

We integrate our unique solution into platforms and digital products such as marketing automation platforms, newsletter software, CMS-solutions, landingpage-builders etc.

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API features

+10 million images

Your users can choose from millions of photos, videos and icons.

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Performance prediction

Empower your users to predict the performance of each image.

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Text-Match tool

Enable users to match their text with relevant images in seconds.

Editing tools

Allow users to edit photos, auto-remove backgrounds etc.

Case Story - APSIS

APSIS is the leading marketing automation platform in Scandinavia. 

APSIS have integrated JumpStory into their e-mail editor, which allows their customers to match newsletter texts with images in seconds and even predict the impact of each image using our HighJumper AI. 

See how it works in the short video …

“By integrating with the JumpStory API we can not only offer our users millions of professional photos to choose from, but also help them save time by matching the text with images in seconds.”

Jonas Bertelsen, CPO Apsis International

-> Learn more about the partnership and integration …

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FAQ about JumpStory partnerships

Why partner with JumpStory?

Using our API enables you to directly integrate 15.000.000 photos, videos, illustrations and icons into your product / platform.

In addition to our image library you will be able to offer your users a smart solution to match match their written content with relevant photos automatically.

Finally our HighJumper-technology allows your users to predict which of their images will perform the best before posting the content.

What does it take to integrate?

Of course every CMS and marketing platform is different, but the JumpStory API is super simple and quick to integrate.

Even with some of our partners with very complex products, it has never taken more than a day or two to fully integrate JumpStory into their platform.

So don’t worry about your product- or tech- roadmap. JumpStory will have major impact with minimal investment.

Do you have an open API?

No. JumpStory prefers to work directly and strategically with all of our business and integration partners.

Therefore the API is only available for our direct partners, but you can still download the technological documentation on this page to get more info.

If you’re interested in discussing a potential partnership and integration, please reach out to us via e-mail now.

Interested in partnering with JumpStory?