Authentic Intelligence

We use AI to remove cheesy images

Save time by only browsing authentic stock images that don’t look cheesy. Our AI-technology removes all the pearly white teeth and picture perfect smiles.

Tired of cheesy stock photos?

Don’t worry! JumpStory’s unique AI automatically removes images that are cheesy-looking. If you’re not sure, what we mean by cheesy, here are a few examples:

Picture perfect doesn't work!

Stock photos provide a great way to add graphics to your online content without producing the images yourself.

However, they need to be authentic 😊 On JumpStory we help you save time by removing stock images that:

  • are uninspiring and generic
  • are not authentic looking
  • feel spammy.

What will I find on JumpStory?

You can search millions of non-cheesy images. Here are just a few recent ones …

JumpStory focuses on images that move people. This means that we primarily offer access to images of lifestyle, people, emotions, nature, travelling, marketing, health, food, holidays, landscapes, wallpapers, countries & cities.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you.