Authentic Intelligence

We use AI to remove cheesy images

Save time by only browsing authentic stock images that don’t look cheesy. Our AI technology removes all the pearly white teeth and picture-perfect smiles.

Tired of cheesy stock photos?

Don’t worry! JumpStory’s unique AI automatically removes images that are cheesy-looking. If you’re not sure, what we mean by cheesy, here are a few examples:

Picture perfect doesn't work!

Stock photos provide a great way to add graphics to your online content without producing the images yourself.

However, they need to be authentic 😊 On JumpStory we help you save time by removing stock images that:

  • are uninspiring and generic
  • are not authentic looking
  • feel spammy.

What will I find on JumpStory?

You can search millions of non-cheesy images. Here are just a few recent ones …

JumpStory focuses on images that move people. This means that we primarily offer access to images of lifestyle, people, emotions, nature, traveling, marketing, health, food, holidays, landscapes, wallpapers, countries & cities.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you.