Benefits of using JumpStory

When photos and videos are used online without proper consent or compliance with license terms, you may be infringing the content owner’s copyright and could be subject to substantial damages.

Many copyright owners use reverse image search to discover unauthorized uses, and the number of copyright infringement notices sent to users is currently exploding. This means that the risk of having to pay thousands of dollars to avoid litigation has increased dramatically, so what can you do about it?

Use JumpStory instead of the free image platforms

When an online media reported about yet another Unsplash copyright infringement case, it is evident that the risk of inadvertently engaging in copyright infringement is growing day by day. Another website warned about the risks of using free image platforms such Unsplash & Pixabay, as photographers can remove images from these platforms and there is no record of any permission.

Another risk is you being sued for copyright infringement, if you do not comply with license terms such as attribution, releases etc.

JumpStory offers a number of benefits that makes using images both easier and less risky:

  • JumpStory’s search tools only offers users CC0 or similar images, in which the content owner offers users the broadest grant of rights, without requiring attribution.
  • JumpStory offers tools that allow you to edit images and remove backgrounds, so you can eliminate recognizable properties.
  • JumpStory has taken a global insurance at QBE.
  • You get a much broader selection of images. JumpStory offers millions of high-performing & authentic stock visuals.
  • JumpStory also includes background removal tool, editor etc.
  • You get a better customer service. JumpStory even offers to search for you – for free!

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