How does JumpStory compare with other visual platforms?

There are lots of photo and video platforms out there, and choosing one can be overwhelming. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pick the best platform for your needs.

In the video you can learn more about JumpStory.

In the comparison table below are a number of handy feature-by-feature comparisons to help you compare us to the competition.

Also check out the difference in authenticity, when you compare our photos with the ones from our competitors.

Online photo and video platforms

See how we compare side by side to some of our competitors

JumpStory comparison


* You pay for the license only once, and you can use it forever within the accepted ways
** You have to follow the Unsplash private license terms, which can change over time
*** A global license which is explained further in our Business Terms & Conditions

Why do users in +80 countries ❤ JumpStory?

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Unlimited use

Download as many authentic looking visuals as you like. No complex pricing plans like on other websites.

Search made easy

Save lots of time by matching your text with images in seconds or have our team find the photos for you – free of charge!

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One license

We're using the international and well-known Creative Commons 0-license for all of our visuals.

What makes people choose JumpStory instead of other stock photo platforms ?

Gregory Patricoski
Gregory Patricoski
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"Love the product. Love the 'concierge search help'-feature as well. You have a lot of great photos."
Tina Pearson
Tina Pearson
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"If you are looking for a unlimited download stock photo+more site, this is it!"
Daniel Stepanenko
Daniel Stepanenko
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"Had trouble in finding the images I wanted for a social media campaign and JumpStory was a very good solution!"
Ken Moo
Ken Moo
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"The library is pretty huge. And love the fact that their photos look organic. Doesn't look very 'stocky'."
Phil A.
Phil A.
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"I’m always able to find what I’m looking for. I love that their AI suggests the most effective results for my searches."

JumpStory vs. our competitors

See how JumpStory stacks on one-on-one against other platforms

JumpStory vs Shutterstock

No complex license terms. No expensive payments per photo. Much more authentic looking images and videos.

JumpStory vs. iStock

Less 'stock feeling' and more real and authentic looking images. Easier search using AI. Much lower pricing.

JumpStory vs. Unsplash

Much larger selection of photos. Videos, icons, vector, fonts and illustrations also included.

JumpStory vs Adobe Stock

No expensive and complex pricing plans. Millions of authentic looking photos and videos. Time saving using AI-search.

JumpStory vs. Pixabay

No strange changes in license terms, but one universal license. Bigger selection of videos, icons, vectors and illustrations.