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Why the world needs JumpStory NOW

The digital hunger for authenticity has never been greater.

The rise of generative AI has multiplied the superficiality of social media, and the youth are complaining about this development hurting their self-image and worth.

At the same time marketers and other content creators experience a decline in the impact of fake looking content, and people are becoming increasingly critical about filters and staged content.

JumpStory addresses these problems and meets the digital hunger with a unique, generative AI-platform – empowering both content creators & marketers to serve users with better & more real content.

Our value propositions:

  • A unique one-price, one-license business model
  • A unique curation-model that’s extremely scalable
  • A unique AI solution to create visual content in seconds

The customer pain points that we’re addressing:

  • The need for and lack of authentic & diverse visual content
  • Complex pricing models. We charge a yearly fee for unlimited use
  • Complex licensing. We use only one license and offer global insurance.

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JumpStory has customers in 150+ countries, and our unique services are available on the platform as well as through integrations with MarTech leaders such as WordPress, SEMrush, YoDeck and many others.

KPIs & Milestones

David Heinemeier Hansson – founder of Basecamp & Investor in JumpStory

Investing in JumpStory​

Since JumpStory was founded in the summer of 2018, we have grown rapidly. Currently we serve customers in over 150 countriesand have raised $4 million from business angels and private investors. Among our investors are people like David Heinemeier Hansson – creator of Ruby on Rails and founder of Basecamp.

We expect to raise more money in the future, so if you’re interested in becoming part of the journey, go ahead and sign up for our quarterly Investor Relations newsletter … and/or contact our Co-founder Jonathan Løw.

Investor Updates

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