Global insurance

We keep you safe & are very different to free image websites

Learn more about how JumpStory has got you insured and protected unlike free image platforms like Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay.

3 billion images are shared daily
85% of them are stolen!

According to Copytrack 85% of all images on the internet get stolen. This means that using images online has become much more risky, than it used to be.

At JumpStory we don’t own or sell any images. We’re a search platform giving you access to millions of authentic photos, videos, vectors etc.

We wanted to go an extra mile for you, so in addition to sourcing images only from quality partners, we’ve also included a global insurance for all our users.

This insurance keeps you safe, when you use images that you found using JumpStory in your next blog article, social media post etc.

We work according to international standards

When using the JumpStory search platform you only get access to images that have an international standard license.

We combine these international standards with our unique global insurance, which is described further in our Business Terms & Conditions.

This means that you can stop worrying and start marketing your business instead.

Examples of how companies got into trouble ...

Before we founded JumpStory, we read loads of stories about people getting sued after having found and used a photo on either Google or on a free image platform.

The problem is simple. None of these platforms offer any insurance to their users, so even though an image may seem free, it could turn very expensive instead.

We’ve collected just a few of the many examples of companies getting into legal trouble below …

source: YouTube. please note: JumpStory has got nothing to do with this video, but is only sharing it …