WordPress Image Plugin

Search, find and download visuals within WordPress.

With the JumpStory Plugin, you can easily search, find and download visuals directly within WordPress. Download the plugin from this page today and try it out.

Connect and find the perfect picture for your content

Download the plugin, connect and start searching.

Instantly upload photos from JumpStory to your website

The JumpStory plugin is the fastest and easiest way to upload and leverage high quality photos directly within WordPress.
The plugin is perfect for users who want to save time by uploading images directly inside their WordPress CMS.

Easily find the perfect picture for your content

The JumpStory plugin lets you quickly find and upload images for any subject in a matter of seconds.
Search among millions of visuals, select your favourites and upload to your media library with a single click.

Save valuable time on finding the perfect picture for your website.

You never have to leave WordPress.

Search within WordPress

Search and leverage millions of authentic and high-performing images within WordPress.

Add to your media Library

Add the visuals you need for your site to your library directly within WordPress.

Add images to your page

Once you’ve added a photo to your library you can start using it across your WordPress website.

Authentic stock photos & image tools

With a JumpStory account you get access to a range of image features​


Authentic & high-performing photos​.


Inspiring and high-resolution videos.


Great illustrations & backgrounds.


Flexible vectors for your project.


Select and download professional icons

Simple terms

All images are CC0 or similar copyright.


Download as much as you want

Image archive

Store the images you like and access them later.

Daily images

New images are added daily

Background removal

Remove backgrounds automatically with AI

Image editor

Simple editing tool to crop, resize, add text, adjust contrast etc.

Many formats

All common formats and free image converter.