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Finding the perfect photo, illustration etc. on JumpStory is easy. We’ve curated millions of authentic photos of real people and real emotions – taken by real photographers.

When you sign up to JumpStory, you can browse through all of these and download them with one simple click.

Like all other image-libraries, we don’t have photos of everything. That’s why we’ve also created an AI-generator, where you can generate the images that you couldn’t find.

This helps you find a great image every time.

AI image generated by JumpStory

Is this man AI-generated or not? Does it really matter?
Our DREAM is a world with less filters and
more images of people like you and I.

Images with impact

JumpStory focuses on images that make an impact.

We provide you with authentic looking images – without all the filters and staging that you normally come across on social media etc.

We curate images of real-life experiences such as travelling, going to a café, walking on the beach, exploring new hobbies etc.

Give us a free try, and see if JumpStory is a good fit for you. 

Why users love JumpStory?


Authentic & high-performing photos​.


Inspiring and high-resolution videos.


Great illustrations & backgrounds.


Search exclusive fusions of photography & film.


Select and download professional icons.

Simple terms

All images are CC0 or similar copyright.


Download as much as you want.

Image archive

Store the images you like and access them later.

Daily images

New images are added daily.

Background removal

Remove backgrounds automatically with AI.

Image editor

Simple editing tool to crop, resize, add text, etc.

JumpStory Plugin

Search & add images directly on PowerPoint.

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