Images against stress

Visuals have the power to reduce anxiety, stress and even depression.
We use AI to identify such visuals. Learn more below …

Authentic intelligence - stress

Our minds are constantly overloaded with media throughout the day. This continuous exposure can contribute to an increased amount of stress.

That’s why we use AI to identify and highlight photos that have a positive impact on your brain. As a user you can highlight “anti-stress images” using a simple dropdown feature.

This is done with the help of our authentic intelligence (a new and alternative form of AI), which has been trained to recognize images that contain stress-reducing features. 

Which images reduce stress?

Looking at relaxing imagery can ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, making them a useful tool that is easily accessible. 

Colors such as blue, soft green, light yellow, lavender, caramel, and light pink all create a calming effect within an image.

Natural spaces such as waterfalls, forests, beaches, skies, and natural fractals are common relaxing scenes. 

Forget old-school marketing

You might remember from the old marketing books that red and pink are great colors to attract attention?

It’s true that such colors increase our heart rate, but micro-stress is not a good way to keep your audience and open up their mind.

Instead, why not use images and motives that help your audience to be relaxed and more open to your product, service, and story?

This is the basic philosophy behind our new initiative #ImagesAgainstStress

“The number of images on the internet has exploded, but this is not only a good thing.
Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more fake.
It takes a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

Anders Thiim & Jonathan Løw
JumpStory founders

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