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The best AI-tools to turn text into images

The 5 leading AI image-tools

Currently there are five popular platforms, when it comes to creating AI-images. These are all AI-image generators and make it easy for you to turn your text into images in seconds.

The 5 ones that get the best ratings in 2024, are:

EVERYDAY by JumpStory: Best & simplest on the market
DALLE-3: Nice tool created by the ChatGPT-creators
MIDJOURNEY: The first ones in the market
NightCafé: A nice community for AI too
Dream Generator: Good at surrealism.

On this page we will give you a presentation of the #1 image generator currently out there – EVERYDAY by JumpStory.

EVERYDAY - 100% worry-free

Maybe you’ve read about The New York Times suing OpenAI – the creators of DALLE and ChatGPT?

It’s just one of an increasing number of legal actions currently taken against both DALLE and Midjourney.

So maybe it’s time to switch to an AI-creator that you can use worry-free? We suggest (100% biassed of course) to select EVERYDAY – the world’s simplest AI-generator.

How EVERYDAY is different from Midjourney and DALLE

1) EVERYDAY is as simple to use as making a cup of coffee.

2) We have no complex license terms or credit-systems.

3) We train EVERYDAY using our own legal library.

4) We’re not part of any big tech-giants.

5) We celebrate AI-diversity.

EVERYDAY compared to Midjourney, DALLE & Shutterstock AI

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