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Frequently asked questions and answers

JumpStory helps you browse millions and millions of professional and authentic photos, videos, illustrations, icons and vectors. Our goal is to help you find the perfect visual in seconds.

We use machine learning and AI to help you match your text with visuals; predict the performance of images and much more. We’re not just a collection of photos. We’re a visual universe.

You can try out JumpStory free of charge for up to 30 days. If it turns out to be something for you – as we firmly believe it will be – you can continue as a satisfied user for a monthly fee of just 25 US Dollars, giving you unlimited access to the entire JumpStory universe.

No. We are aware that some stock photo websites put up their full photo archive for everyone to view. This has resulted in a lot of copycat activities andcopyright trolling. 

In addition to this, JumpStory is not just another stock photo website. We’re a visual universe with AI features, text-match, editing tools and much more.

We suggest that you simply create an account on our site – we have a 30 day free trial period. Delete the account afterwards (after testing) if you’re not satisfied.

JumpStory’s search engine is part of our visual universe and allows you to search among millions of images and illustrations. You can search within a multitude of genres and find traditional stock-photo images or more unique photos from around the world, including videos, icons and vector images.

We are constantly working to improve the search engine in our JumpStory universe, so if you have themes or specific images you would like to see added, please don’t hesitate to write to support@jumpstory.com

Yes – as long as you follow the guidelines for CC0-license visuals. When you search the JumpStory-platform for visual content, we will provide you with photos and images licenced under CC0-terms. 

Read more about CC0 and our general license terms in our Business Terms and Conditions, §11.

Yes – as long as you follow the guidelines for CC0-license visuals. Read more about CC0 and our general license terms in our Business Terms and Conditions, §11.

JumpStory has a very unique photo guarantee. Basically, if you can’t find, what you’re searching for, we will find it for you – for free!

We are – as far as we know – the only company in the world to offer this service, so you will never end up disappointed not being able to get, what you were looking for. You will always receive the photos from us within 24 hours!

JumpStory has created a smart tool that we’ve named HighJumper. As a user, you’ll see it as a small icon next to images that are likely to perform above average.

HighJumper is what some people would refer to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It basically means that we have trained a computer to help you identify the photos and illustrations that are going to create the best results when used in your newsletters, blog posts, SEO-articles etc.

Yes, absolutely. We both have a photo editor AND a smart tool to remove image backgrounds in a matter of seconds. This is all included in the price, once you have signed up for JumpStory.

No. Irrespective of what type of work (image, illustration, etc.) you download from JumpStory, you do not have to credit the person who created the work. You can use the content without restriction or any form of reference or credit.

As many as you want! Once you have registered as a user on JumpStory, you can download and use the content without any restrictions.

Yes, you absolutely can 🙂 If you need more than one login, simply e-mail us.

Just write to us on support@jumpstory.com – we very much look forward to hearing from you!

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