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Frequently asked questions and answers

JumpStory helps you find the perfect photo, video, illustration or icon in seconds. Use our clever AI-search to save time, when you’re looking for visual content, and edit the photos directly on the JumpStory platform.

As a user you can search among more than 10 million visuals, and you have unlimited access. The visuals can be used for all commercial purposes – including websites, social media, advertising etc.

You can try out JumpStory for free for 30 days to see if it’s useful to you. If you continue on as a satisfied user, the monthly price is just 25 US Dollars for unlimited access to the entire JumpStory universe.

JumpStory’s search engine is part of our visual universe and allows you to search among millions of images and illustrations. You can search within a multitude of genres and find traditional stock-photo images or more unique photos from around the world. We have also included videos, icons and vector images.

We are constantly working to improve the search engine in our JumpStory universe, so if you have themes or specific images you would like to see added, please don’t hesitate to write to support@jumpstory.com

Yes. When you search the JumpStory-platform for visual content, we will provide you with photos and images licensed in one of the following three ways – all giving you free use of the content:

1. CC0
CC0 is a license, where the creators have chosen to waive all their copyright and related rights in their works to the fullest extent allowed by law. CC0 is a universal instrument that is not adapted to the laws of any particular legal jurisdiction, similar to many open source software licenses. And while no tool, not even CC0, can guarantee a complete relinquishment of all copyright and database rights in every jurisdiction, it provides the best and most complete alternative for contributing a work to the public domain given the many complex and diverse copyright and database systems around the world. Read more about CC0.

2. Public Domain & Public-domain-equivalent licenses
Public-domain-equivalent licenses are licenses that grant public-domain-like rights or/and act as waivers. They are used to make copyrighted works usable by anyone without conditions, while avoiding the complexities of attribution or license compatibility that occur with other licenses.
No permission or license is required for a work truly in the public domain, such as one with an expired copyright; such a work may be copied at will. Read more.

3. JumpStory’s own photos and illustrations

Finally the JumpStory platform has a large number of photos and illustrations created by our own photographers. These are also shared with a license giving unrestricted use.

Yes. Unlike most other image services, we won’t bind you if you decide to terminate your subscription at some point. After terminating your subscription, you can continue to use all the images, illustrations, etc. that you have downloaded – forever.

JumpStory has created a smart tool that we’ve named HighJumper. As a user, you’ll see it as a small icon next to images that are likely to perform above average.

HighJumper is what some people would refer to as Artificial Intelligence (AI). It basically means that we have trained a computer to help you identify the photos and illustrations that are going to create the best results when used in your newsletters, blog posts, SEO-articles etc.

No. Irrespective of what type of work (image, illustration, etc.) you download from JumpStory, you do not have to credit the person who created the work. You can use the content without restriction or any form of reference or credit.

As many as you want! Once you have registered as a user on JumpStory, you can download and use the content without any restrictions.

Just write us on support@jumpstory.com – we look very much forward to hearing from you!

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More than 10 million photos and illustrations.

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