EVERYDAY AI by JumpStory

The world’s simplest image-generator

Smart, simple & safe

Using JumpStory’s AI image-generator EVERYDAY is as simple as making a cup of coffee … or as writing ‘simple living’ and getting this nice AI-generated image back in seconds.

We believe that AI should be for EVERYONE. Not just experts!

💡 SMART – turn text into images in seconds 

🧠 SIMPLE – no tech-skills needed whatsoever

👮‍♀️ SAFE – use images everywhere worry-free

Turn your ideas into images

With EVERYDAY you simply describe your visual needs in everyday language. For instance, you could ask for:

an old man from Denmark looking into the camera

With EVERYDAY you can create:

  • Photos
  • Illustrations
  • 3D-images
  • Icons
  • and much more …


“I was SHOCKED … at how well JumpStory’s AI image-generator interpreted my very first input. You totally nailed it!

Earlier I used Leonardo.ai for six hours struggling, but they never came close, to what I needed. They produced dozens of wrong results. Way to go JumpStory for correctly following my input on my very first try.”

– Mark Lodge, US Entrepreneur

EVERYDAY compared to Midjourney, DALLE & Shutterstock AI

Different styles you can create

Photos created with EVERYDAY

Illustrations created with EVERYDAY

Drawings created with EVERYDAY

Icons created with EVERYDAY

3D created with EVERYDAY

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Some of the other benefits of JumpStory 

Unlimited Access

No limits on searching & creating images. Download as much as you need. Use everywhere.

Global Insurance

When using the JumpStory platform, you only get access to visuals that have an international standard license.

Authentic Images

In addition to EVERYDAY AI, we curate visuals that move people. Explore our library of relatable images that will help tell your story.

Trusted by teams around the world