JumpStory Image Dataset

Train your computer vision models with our dataset

Train and test your computer vision models using the best image dataset available online.
The JumpStory Dataset is created by billions of searches across thousands of applications, uses and contexts.

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Sees images like a human

Services like Amazon Rekognition offer APIs to perform image analysis and object recognition.

However, if your use case requires a more custom image classification model, you must have access to an image dataset that not only fits your custom use case, but also contains enough image samples to accurately train your machine learning model.

This is why we’ve built the JumpStory Image Dataset.






Use our Image Dataset to:

  • Access millions of images annotated with labels across +10,000 categories

  • Train & test your models using the best image dataset on the internet

  • Understand higher-level scene concepts like metaphors, sentiment & complex semantics.

Thousands of categories and curated collections

+50 GB of image data

  • +5,000,000 images

  • +10,000,000 keywords

  • +25,000,000 searches