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JumpStory is the only platform in the world, where AI is helping you search and find authentic and high-performing visuals for your next newsletter, website, blogpost, social media story, poster etc.

By using images found through JumpStory, you get up to 80% better results than with traditional stock photos. The results include images that look more natural & authentic than traditional stock photos. We even provide you with smart additional design tools that allow you to automatically remove the background; match texts with images using AI; image editing; image archive and much more!

No. We are aware that some stock photo websites allow users to search before signing up. Users have to then wade through many irrelevant results. In addition to this, JumpStory is not just another stock photo website. We’re a search platform with AI features, text-match, editing tools and much more.

We suggest that you simply create an account on our site – we have a 7 day free trial period.

The  images found through JumpStory can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes, as long as you follow our Business Terms & Conditions.

On top of that we offer a global insurance on all images found using JumpStory’s search engine – making it worry free to use images found using our search engine.

JumpStory’s search engine allows you to search among millions & millions of photos, illustrations, icons and vectors – all with an international standard license available for broad use. You can search within a multitude of genres, and you will only find authentic and high-performing visual content.

There are hundreds of millions of free images on the internet. Today you can use Google Images or free image platforms to find this content, but the challenge for many small companies and entrepreneurs is that searching through all this content is both very time-consuming and confusing. It’s hard to figure out, whether the visual content can actually be used for editorial and commercial purposes or not.

JumpStory makes it super simple to find the most relevant visual content through our advanced search engine and AI technology. We’re never charging you to download any content, but you’re paying a small monthly subscription fee to use our smart search engine and get access to our many other clever tools such as background removal, image editing, personal search assistant, global insurance and much more.

We wanted to go an extra mile for you, so in addition to sourcing images only from quality partners, we’ve also included a global insurance for all our users.

As many as you want! Once you have registered as a user on JumpStory, you can do an unlimited amount of searches for photos, illustrations, icons, vectors etc.

No. We don’t sell images individually. We’re a search platform giving you access to millions of authentic photos, icons, vectors etc.

We offer a subscription access to our platform, where searching for images is just a part of what you get as a user. A JumpStory subscription also includes access to our photo editing tools, automatic background removal, text-match features, personal search assistant and much more.

No problem! Simply e-mail us about your needs.

We made a short video that explains how to add your discount code.

JumpStory has a very unique PA-service. Basically, if you can’t find, what you’re searching for, we will find it for you – for free!

We are – as far as we know – the only company in the world to offer this Personal Assistant, so you will never end up disappointed not being able to get, what you were looking for. You will always receive the visuals from us within 24 hours!

Yes, absolutely. We both have a photo editor AND a smart tool to remove image backgrounds in a matter of seconds. This is all included in the price, once you have signed up for JumpStory.

Yes, you absolutely can. If you need more than one login, simply e-mail us, and we will come up with a very good and discounted price for multiple users / accounts.

Simply login to the platform and go to your account settings. If you don’t want to do this, you can also contact our Customer Support Team and have them do it for you.

If you subscribed to JumpStory with PayPal and wish to cancel your account, please do the following: 

1) Sign in to your PayPal Account by clicking here.

2) Follow these steps provided by PayPal: 

Private Accounts:

  • Click the “Settings” (gear) icon at the top right corner of the page
  • Click “Payments”.
  • Click “Manage pre-approved payments” under “Pre-approved payments.”
  • Select “JumpStory”, and click “Cancel”.
  • Click “Cancel Profile” to confirm your request.

Remember to cancel the subscription at least one day before the next payment is due, otherwise you will be charged.

Business Accounts:

  • Click the “Profile” icon at the top of the page and then click “Account settings”.
  • Click “Website payments”.
  • Click “Update” next to Manage automatic payments in the Website payments section.
  • Click “My preapproved payments”.
    Select the subscription you wish to stop.
  • Click Cancel next to Status.

Remember to cancel the subscription at least one day before the next payment is due, otherwise you will be charged.

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