Are you a photographer, video-maker, designer etc., and would you like to share your work on JumpStory? Please read below …

Share your work

At JumpStory we source our content from more than 500,000,000 images and +100,000 photographers and video-makers.

We have customers in +100 countries and work with creatives in just as many. As a user of the platform you don’t have to credit the creators of the work, because this has already been established in the license that we use on JumpStory.

Model clearances, copyrights etc. are handled directly by the photographers and the models that may appear in a photo or video. JumpStory is not involved in this part of the process.

Are you interested in sharing your work on JumpStory? At the moment we’re not looking for new contributors, but please sign up for our newsletter, and we will let you know as soon, as we start adding new partners to the sourcing process.

The vision of JumpStory by founder Jonathan Low

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