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Relatable images. No cheesy-looking stock photos

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See the difference - How JumpStory stacks up against typical stock photos

JumpStory focuses on two things:
1) The world’s simplest AI-generator – EVERYDAY AI
2) Our unique library of images that make an impact.

We tend to have a different style of images than our colleagues in the industry. Here is an example …

We did a search for the word ‘WOMAN’.
Here are some of the top search-results from Shutterstock & Unsplash:

We also searched ‘WOMAN’ on JumpStory. Here is what we found:




The right image can make a huge difference

We did another search to compare. This time for the word ‘HAPPY’.
Here is what we found on some big stock photo websites …

Here is what we found on JumpStory…

We hope that the examples above give you just a tiny sense of that there’s something different to the photos found here on JumpStory, compared to all the other regular stock photo sites and services. Our software values photos higher, that resonate with your audience. This is what we call “authenticity”, meaning actual people having tangible emotions in concrete situations.

And you have unlimited access to them all. No download limits, no download credits to keep track of. Even better, you don’t have to try to figure out what the licenses are on the images, or if you can use them commercially. We don’t own any of the millions of photos, videos, and illustrations found here on JumpStory. We’re a search platform that only indexes visuals that are free under international license standards. You can even get insurance, if you want to be absolutely sure of that.

The beauty of JumpStory is, that we save you a ton of time finding the right, authentic visuals for your content. No need to spend too much time on finding the right keywords, figuring out the licenses, sifting through tons of cheesy-looking stock photos, and all that. We even have a an easy-to-use image editor that allows you to do basic tasks like cropping, color adjusting, background removal etc. 

But don’t just take our word for it, take us for a spin. There’s a 7-day trial. See, if it really is true that we save you time, compared to other stock photo sites.