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JumpStory compared to Unsplash

  • Save your worries. Global insurance on all images

  • Unique features. AI-background removal & more

  • More images. 5 times as many as on Unsplash

Why switch from Unsplash to JumpStory?

Safer alternative

One simple license and a global image insurance

Higher satisfaction

Better ratings on Google, Trustpilot & G2

More photos

+10 million real looking images with impact
''Oodles of brilliant images and icons, which are making our content pop''
Mike T.
“Amazing photos and a very good customer service”
Umberto M.
"Unique images and innovative features"
Anthony R.

We are a safer alternative to free image websites like Unsplash

Avoid the legal risks of Unsplash & other free sites

Before we founded JumpStory, we read loads of stories about people getting sued after having found and used a photo from a free image platform like Unsplash or Pexels.

The problem is simple: None of these platforms offer any kind of insurance to their users, so even though an image may seem free at first, it could turn out to be very costly instead.

Millions of high-performing stock photos

Here are just a few of the authentic and high-performing images that you can find, when you search using JumpStory …

JumpStory focuses on images that move people. This means that we primarily offer access to images of lifestyle, people, emotions, nature, travelling, marketing, health, food, holidays, landscapes, wallpapers, countries & cities.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you.

Though the above is just a tiny example of photos and visuals you can find here on JumpStory, hopefully you can see that there’s something special about them. That’s because our system prioritizes pictures of real people in real situations having real emotions. This is what we mean when we say that we have “authentic” photos, which you’ll have unlimited access to through our service.

But if it is similar looking stock photos with the same models, photos you will recognize from all kind of other websites, then we’re not the ideal service for you. Neither if you are looking for professional photos of current events, those are likely under heavy copyright protection too. Sites like Unsplash may have more of that type of content.

Where you’ll really find us usefull when compared to our competitors, is when it comes to how much time (and money) you will save by using us.

Imagine you need to create a newsletter and you need to find some imagery that really resonates with your audience. But you don’t have a ton of time to find stuff like that for a short lived e-mail. Time to find the right service, to experiment with keywords, to figure out the copyrights on each individual image, to sift through all the cheesy-looking stock photos. Oh, and then you have to open up (and pay for) programs like Photoshop, if you want to do any kind of cropping, adjustments, or aspect ratio changes.

Our image search engine is simple and easy to use. We have built-in features, like cropping, adjusting and background removal. But best of all: ALL images are free to use, even in a commercial context. And the mind blowing part: There’s no download limits, you can download all you want each month. Within fair use limits, of course. On sites like Unsplash you’ll typically have to play around with a ton of searches and settings before getting even somewhat relevant results.

Oh, and we have plugins for both MS Word, Powerpoint and WordPress. Making it even easier (and faster) to add some authenticity to your website or your presentation.

Take us for a spin. And experience for yourself how fast and easy it can be to add authenticity to your content.