Unsplash alternative

JumpStory compared to Unsplash

  • Save your worries. Global insurance on all images

  • Unique features. AI-background removal & more

  • More images. 5 times as many as on Unsplash

Why switch from Unsplash to JumpStory?

Safer alternative

One simple license and a global image insurance

Higher satisfaction

Better ratings on Google, Trustpilot & G2

More photos

+10 million real looking images with impact
''Oodles of brilliant images and icons, which are making our content pop''
Mike T.
“Amazing photos and a very good customer service”
Umberto M.
"Unique images and innovative features"
Anthony R.

We are a safer alternative to free image websites like Unsplash

Avoid the legal risks of Unsplash & other free sites

Before we founded JumpStory, we read loads of stories about people getting sued after having found and used a photo from a free image platform like Unsplash or Pexels.

The problem is simple: None of these platforms offer any kind of insurance to their users, so even though an image may seem free at first, it could turn out to be very costly instead.

Millions of high-performing stock photos

Here are just a few of the authentic and high-performing images that you can find, when you search using JumpStory …

JumpStory focuses on images that move people. This means that we primarily offer access to images of lifestyle, people, emotions, nature, travelling, marketing, health, food, holidays, landscapes, wallpapers, countries & cities.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you.

Not ready for a long-term commitment?

All our plans are offered with both monthly and yearly billing, but you will be saving up to 70% by choosing yearly.

Yes, our plans start at just $16/month!*

Including 7-day free trial. You won't be charged during the trial.
*With yearly billing.