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JumpStory compared to Shutterstock

  • Authenticity. No more cheesy-looking stock photos

  • Simple price. 39 USD/month for unlimited use

  • Worry free. One simple license for everything

Why switch from Shutterstock to JumpStory?

Authentic photos

Real images of real people

Higher satisfaction

Better ratings on Google, Trustpilot & G2

No complexity

One simple license and unlimited downloads
''Oodles of brilliant images and icons, which are making our content pop''
Mike T.
“Amazing photos and a very good customer service”
Umberto M.
"Unique images and innovative features"
Anthony R.

Visuals can be extremely powerful, but only if you use the right ones

Save lots of time searching

Authentic and ‘real’ stock images found using JumpStory outperform conventional stock photos by up to 80%.

We are not saying that Shutterstock has no impactful images, but it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack – nobody has the time.

Millions of authentic stock photos

Here are just a few of the authentic and high-performing images that you can find, when you search using JumpStory.

These are just a sample of the images that you can find, when you search for high-performing and authentic visuals here on JumpStory. We prioritize images that move people. Which means that we offer unlimited access to images of people with real emotions, nature, travelling, health, food, holidays, landscapes, countries, cities and such.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or similar looking stock photos with the same models, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images of events happening right now, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you. That is not where we excel. Services like Shutterstock is typically filled with stuff like that.

Where our service really shines compared to all the others, is our speed and ease of access. For when you quickly need good, authentic images to spruce up content like blog posts or presentations with something beautiful yet still relevant. Without having to spend too much time on finding the right keywords to search for, without having to scroll past a ton of cheesy-looking stock photos, and most importantly: Without having to try to figure out, if you can use an image in your context without breaking any copyright laws. All our images and illustrations are free to use.

Imagine you have to do a social media post, but lack an image that “connects” with people, and makes them stop their doomscrolling through baby pictures and cat videos. You need something real, something authentic to do that.

Yet you can’t spend a ton of time searching, searching, searching. Aint nobody got time for that, when it comes to short lived social media content. Sure, you may be able to find something good on services like Shutterstock. But not without wasting a lot of time that you simple don’t have.

On top of that we also have built-in, simple image editing services. Like basic clipping, color adjustments, and background removal. Sure, it’s not Photoshop. But having to start up that beast of a program will, again, take time out of your busy schedule that you just don’t have.

Give us a try, see if all that we claim is true.