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JumpStory compared to Getty Images

  • Authenticity. No more cheesy-looking stock photos

  • Simple price. 39 USD/month for unlimited use

  • Worry free. One simple license for everything

Why switch from Getty Images to JumpStory?

Authentic photos

Millions of real looking images with impact

Affordable prices

Find what you need at fair a price

No complexity

One simple license and unlimited downloads
''Oodles of brilliant images and icons, which are making our content pop''
Mike T.
“Amazing photos and a very good customer service”
Umberto M.
"Unique images and innovative features"
Anthony R.

Images are extremely important, but can you afford the right ones?

The answer is YES ...

Authentic stock images on JumpStory outperform conventional stock photos by up to 80%.

We don’t think that stock photos should cost a fortune. That’s why we – unlike Getty Images – offer unlimited image downloads for a low monthly price.

Millions of high-performing stock photos

Here are just a few of the authentic and high-performing images that you can find, when you search using JumpStory …

JumpStory focuses on images that move people. This means that we primarily offer access to images of lifestyle, people, emotions, nature, travelling, marketing, health, food, holidays, landscapes, wallpapers, countries & cities.

If you’re looking for niche photos, or if you need ‘breaking news’-images, JumpStory is typically not the ideal choice for you.

Why choose JumpStory over Getty Images?

Let’s get real here for a moment, Getty Images offer some truly amazing pictures. But at a premium price for each download that you make.

What if you don’t have the time or the money to go through their massive archive?
If you still need some amazing visuals that resonates with your audience? 

But need it for example for some short lived content like an e-mail newsletter or a social media post?
Or a limited audience like a Powerpoint presentation?
It just doesn’t make sense to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for that.

This is where JumpStory really beats services like Getty Images. We don’t own any of the photos, but rather we’re a search engine sourcing only the best, most authentic visuals released under internationally recognized open source licenses. On top of that, for a flat, low fee you can download all you want. No limits, no need to keep topping off an account with credits.

We are focused on two things:

Firstly, we prioritize photos of real people in real situations having real emotions. Just look at the examples above. No boring, cheesy-looking stock photos of perfect people in made up scenarios. Just real stuff. Because that is what connects with your audience and thus performs better.

Secondly, ease of use, ease of mind. A simple search engine (we keep all the advanced stuff under the hood), trying its best to deliver good results. With an easy to use, built-in image editor, allowing you to crop, scale and adjust images right away, without having to start up (and buy) expensive software packages like Adobe Photoshop. Oh, and we also have plugins for MS Powerpoint, Word and WordPress. And as mentioned earlier, you don’t have to try to figure out if you are breaking any copyright laws with our images, even if you use them commercially.

Give us a try, there’s a 7-day Trial. See if our photos, illustrations and videos can compete with Getty for a way lower price.