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Impact Insider uses images with impact to inspire positive change.

The right image can engage your target audience and help the reader relate to the content.

Many companies are choosing JumpStory as an alternative to traditional stock photo platforms for their visual content needs. When quality and authenticity are key, JumpStory is your go-to source.

Impact Insider, a news media platform publishes a weekly newsletter in addition to other articles which contain knowledge, tools, and inspiration while raising debates surrounding how to best generate positive change within businesses, and communities. Impact is the key focus with insights given on how to best create, measure, and document impact. 

Impact Insider turned to JumpStory as a source for high-quality and diverse photographs to boost their content. JumpStory’s ease of use and consistency allows Impact Insider to include quality visual content in their newsletters and website week after week. Impact Insider has used JumpStory for a year and a half because, the website is intuitive, easy to use, and provides authentic results – plus additional features such as the online photo editor are valuable time-savers.

“The pictures are simply better which means that our communication looks better and feels more genuine and authentic.”

– Carsten Terp Beck-Nilsson, Founder of Impact Insider

“We wanted a solution that provided our in-house and freelance writers with high-quality, free images.”

“So we wanted a solution that integrates directly into our story builder. Jumpstory was the perfect fit.”

Visual Stories have all their visual needs covered with our API

Visual Stories is a content discovery platform and the first open AMP Story Builder that lets you create visually rich, immersive, and highly engaging stories on your website.

Visual Stories empowers online businesses and content creators to expand their reach by connecting and utilizing the web stories format to create an immersive and visually appealing reading experience.

After implementing JumpStory, Visual Stories was able to consolidate all image API needs into one solution that integrates directly into the story builder with a simple and transparent solution.

Scratcher improved their campaigns by up to 30%

Leading companies trust the JumpStory API to deliver high-quality and authentic images for their users. Together with our partners, we are transforming the future of content creation.

Integrating the JumpStory API became a real game changer, and Scratcher has since been voted one of the best activation platforms.

In the case of Scratcher they are a leading gamification platform that lets you create gamification campaigns with ease. Gamification improves your campaign’s virality and helps you attract new customers. Indeed, try to present your products or services in a fun and interactive way. Hence, you could make it easier and more attractive for people to discover and engage with your brand.

Integrating the JumpStory API helped Scratcher’s customers

  • Create campaigns that perform up to 30% better than before
  • Create campaigns that people remember, faster
  • Enable creative freedom with JumpStory images.

“JumpStory is the best image-API on the market.”  

                                                                   – Henrik Lund, CEO at Scratcher

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JumpStory gives you access to search millions of stunning images, videos, illustrations, and icons. With JumpStory you are easily able to find and leverage high-performing visuals to generate better results.

“JumpStory is really simple to use. You can set filters to find exactly the image you need – e.g. filter on relevance, orientation, color etc.”

Trusted by teams around the world

Trusted by teams around the world

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