Global Partnership Manager

Contact the world’s leading marketing automation platforms, CMS-providers, newsletter software etc. and sign integration partnerships with them. A key role at JumpStory!

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Internship for the Autumn of 2020

If you are ready to do your internship at JumpStory and would like to help us shape the future of the company, come along with us on our journey – your dream internship is waiting!

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JumpStory is located in Aarhus – the second-largest city in Denmark.
An energetic place with a vibrant mix of youthful energy and a blast from the past …

More about JumpStory

JumpStory is the new Netflix – for images! We make it easy for marketers, designers and other online creatives to find the perfect image every time.

The stock photo industry has been “stock” for a decade. However, we are aiming to revolutionize the industry using our unique combination of Scandinavian design and AI-technology.


What makes JumpStory different from our competitors?

In the traditional industry customers have to pay for every image downloaded. This gets extremely expensive, and often the license terms are complex too. With JumpStory you only pay a small fixed amount every month for unlimited access – a bit similar to Netflix and Spotify within the B2C industry.

Search on a traditional stock photo platform for “marketing” and you will get 9,5 million images. What to do from there as a marketer or designer? With JumpStory you simply copy-paste your text into the platform, and JumpStory’s AI matches it with images (videos, photos etc.) in a matter of seconds.

In the image industry it has been about “images” way too long. JumpStory disrupts the mindset of the industry by adding a predictive AI-model, named HighJumper, that predicts which images will perform the best – making the job much easier for marketers everywhere. The shift is massive – from images to impact.

JumpStory was launched in 2018. Since then we have grown massively. Apart from having received two million-investment-rounds we have customers in more than 70 countries.