Who Cares Wins: Our Nonprofit Charity Program

19. November 2020
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Every week we do a sales competition at our office, where we celebrate the weekly top seller. We’ve decided to give the winner quite a different price than the usual bonus; cinema tickets etc.

At JumpStory you win a check of 100 US Dollars to donate to a charity of your choice. We hand out the price on Fridays, and the following week the winner announces their charity at the office and explains why they decided this particular cause.

Below you can read more about the amazing causes that our staff members have decided to support. Every year our startup donates more than 4,000 USD to charity through our ‘Who Cares Wins’ sales-competition.


This week’s top seller was Andrej Okun, and he decided to donate the money to Livslinien.

Livslinien is a charity with a telephone number for people to call, if they are in a deep crisis or even thinking about committing suicide. When you phone Livslinien, you will speak with someone that is used to talking to people with suicidal thoughts.

You can also contact Livslinien, if you are a relative to a person who has either thought about or in fact committed suicide.

The phone number for Livslinien is +45 70 201 201.

The Danish National Center for Grief

This week’s top seller was Sanda Goncear, and she decided to donate the money to The Danish National Center for Grief.

The Danish National Center for Grief was founded in 2017 by Børn, Unge & Sorg, a Danish organization which over the past two decades has provided specialized counseling and treatment to grieving children, teens, young adults and their families.


Danner is a rights-based organization that works to eliminate violence against women and children by working with individuals and partners nationally and internationally.

Danner works to professionalize the response system for violence survivors and for a global society based on equality and respect. Protection of women and children’s basic human rights is at the core of Danner’s work and belief as an organization.

About the Author

Viktoriya Stoyanova

Viktoriya the Head of International Sales at JumpStory. She leads a team of Country Managers and handles customers in more than 80 countries. She is skilled, action-oriented, creative and innovative. Her biggest passions are singing, baking masterpieces and petting dogs – all day long if possible.

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