Who Cares Wins: Our Non-profit Charity Program

January 5, 2021
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JumpStory is a company that values people more than anything, not only employees but also people in need. Every week we do a sales competition at our headquarters in Denmark, where we celebrate the weekly top seller. We’ve decided to give the winner quite a different prize than the usual bonus or cinema tickets etc.

At JumpStory you win a check of 100 US Dollars to donate to a charity of your own choice. The winner is chosen every week on Friday, and he or she has enough time to think about which charity to choose over the weekend. The sales winner announces their charity at the office the following week along with an explanation of why they decided to donate to the particular cause.

Below you can read more about each of the amazing causes that our staff members have decided to support. Every year our company donates more than 4,000 USD to charity through our ‘Who Cares Wins’ sales-competition. 


Livslinien is a counseling hotline, where people can call, if they are in a deep crisis or even thinking about committing suicide. The specialists behind Livslinien, are used to talking to people with suicidal thoughts and know how to handle such situations. The organization can also be contacted, if you are a relative or friend to a person who has either thoughts about, or in fact committed suicide.

The phone number for Livslinien is +45 70 201 201.

two people crying

The Danish National Center for Grief

The Danish National Center for Grief, because grief should not ruin lives.

The Danish National Center for Grief has been operating for more than 20 years with more than 40 employees and 100 volunteers. They provide support and specialized psychological therapy to anyone in need, who either live with a seriously ill family member or have lost a loved one.

The grief center delivers training and education to the professionals, so they can better understand and treat various reactions. Along with that they always perform research and evaluate to make sure all the techniques used are the most effective ones.

The Grief Center has more than 100 volunteers, who manage the national helpline, along with creating events for the bereaved.

woman crying


Together against violence! 

Danner is an organization offering shelter to women and children subjected to violence for over 50 years. The history behind the building, where the shelter is placed, and the idea behind it, date back to 1875 and Countess Danner.

Over the years, more than 6000 women and children have lived in the shelter. Along with that their hotline receives around 2000 call every year from women exposed to violence and concerned relatives.

Protection of women and children’s basic human rights is at the core of Danner’s work and belief as an organization. 

Elderly people talking

The Alzheimer's Association

Life with Dementia. 

The Alzheimer’s Association is focused on ensuring better conditions for people with dementia and their relatives. The members have the common mission that everyone affected by dementia should have the opportunity for a good and meaningful life. 

The organization is offering many different activities and arrangements for people suffering from the illness. 

We decided to support the Alzheimer’s Association because there is a need for bigger knowledge and help in the area, both for people suffering from it, but also their relatives. 

A girl with flowers in forest


The organization Make-a-wish has one of the most touching purposes. It fulfills wishes for children between 3-18 years with life-threatening illnesses in order to create hope, strength and joy in their everyday lives.

Make-a-wish’s work is solely done by volunteers in order to have more for the children’s wishes. So far the organization has fulfilled hundreds of amazing wishes, starting from different activities to gifting pets, computers and many others. 

Every child deserves for their wishes to come true! 

Baby holding hand

Maternity foundation

It should not cost a life to give a life.. 

Did you know that every year, 300.000 women and 5 million newborns die, due to complications related to pregnancy and/or childbirth? The statistics are terrifying and the numbers can be drastically changed with well qualified staff and birth attendants. 

The NGO Maternity foundation is focused on  helping mostly low- and middle-income countries by providing them with digital education on the subject. 

We decided to support the organization, because every woman and child deserves to have proper maternity care.

Woman holding baby

Women's society crisis center in Denmark

No one should feel unsafe in their own home, no one should be a victim of violence and abuse. 

The Danish women crisis center’s aim is to prevent and combat violence against women in every way. They operate an open, anonymous counselling and two shelters, where women and children can seek help. 

In the shelter, the women and children meet well-trained staff that is there to provide help, guidance and care. 

The organization’s goal is to destroy myths and discourses in the public that sustains and legitimates violence against women.

Worried man

The Epilepsy Association

About 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, however as a society we are still very poorly informed about the disorder. Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures.

The main goal of the Association is to improve the life conditions and quality of people living with epilepsy.

Very important part of their mission is to raise public and professional awareness of epilepsy, treating the chronic disorder, finding the causes to epilepsy and understanding both social, psychological and health-related consequences of having epilepsy.

A child waving


Children all around the world deserve good education, steady meals and a place to feel safe and loved! 

The non-profit organization ChildCare is solely focused on helping children in Uganda by providing them with consistent education and ensuring daily meals. 

The organization has been operating for 18 years and was founded by a lovely Danish family, Ruth and Carsten Jespersen,  that was living in Uganda and had seen the issues the children struggled with the most.  

The NGO has initiated amazing projects, the biggest of which are building homes for abandoned children, schools, a café and shop in Masaka, where the profits go to supporting the organization. 

We decided to support this organization, as their purpose is absolutely inspiring and the outcome of happy children can be seen.

About the author

Viktoriya is the Head of International Sales at JumpStory. She leads a team of Country Managers and handles customers in more than 150 countries. She is skilled, action-oriented, creative and innovative. Her biggest passions are singing, baking masterpieces and petting dogs – all day long if possible.

Viktoriya Stoyanova

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