What is Chatbot and Facebook Messenger Marketing?

November 18, 2019
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Is a chatbot just another buzzword or a huge opportunity for your business?

Message sending has never been this popular. The most popular platform (mainly in Western countries) is Facebook Messenger. More than 20 billion messages are exchanged there every month among users and business sites. Messenger is the second most downloaded iOS app of all time. Right after Facebook. Is it clearer now why it is a good idea to take more interested in a chatbot?

Let’s talk about what a chatbot or Facebook Messenger bot is

Facebook chatbot is a software which simulates conversations with users. Bots are programmed to understand questions, provide relevant answers, or take certain actions that are required. Basically, it is a handy tool which will communicate with users friendly and informally. But most importantly, it saves your time.

Sending a message to a constantly available chatbot is significantly faster than calling the customer line or searching for and filling in a contact form on the web. As already mentioned, a chatbot both saves your time and makes a customer happy as they get answers immediately. It is a win-win solution for both parties. You would be certainly surprised how many potential customers you can lose if they don’t get their answer right away.

So how does it work?

The site visitor simply sends a message to the chat with a set chatbot and gets the answer immediately. A chatbot can be activated by certain words, questions, or specific phrases which trigger automation during which a visitor specifies their question or problem.

One interaction with the chatbot is enough to add the user to your contacts which you can reach at any time using the Facebook site in Messenger. The only requirement is that the user allows subscription messaging in Messenger. Subsequently, you can tag users, segment them, or recommend them other products. There are plenty of possibilities. They will be further discussed in one of our later articles.

Why should you be interested in Messenger Marketing?

It is not only about the time saving, but also about the personalization and almost endless possibilities of segmenting users. You can select by names, genders or time zones – and that is only a fraction of how the chatbot can be used. With the Messenger chatbot you can simply ask a question and save the answer as an attribute which you can use to segment the users.

Let’s have a look at an example:

There is a client of the FashionMag which sells clothes. The client is given two questions.

What do you prefer to wear in the summer?

  •   Vests
  •   T-shirts
  •   Polo T-shirts

What brands do you prefer?

  •   Adidas
  •   Calvin Klein
  •   Carhartt
  •   And anything else

It has never been easier to give an answer, because the user selects it with one click.

Sky is the limit when it comes to questions and this way you can come up with hundreds of them.

And why do we really do this?

  • Advanced segmentation options provide endless possibilities to send tailor-made content to each audience.
  • We can collect users’ and customers’ preferences and use them when purchasing goods or expanding the assortment.
  • Getting a lead costs just a fraction of price compared to other traffic acquisition sources or pop-ups on the web which offer a discount on the first purchase.
  • Ads to Messenger is currently one of the cheapest types of ads on Facebook. The cost per lead is up to 10 – 20x lower than Lead ads campaigns.

Always looking for unicorns

If you analyze and evaluate your email marketing campaigns and understand figures like 80% open rate and 20% click-through rate, then you will find these figures to be out of this world. But with Messenger marketing, they are real.

Email marketing is no longer what it used to be. Our inboxes are overwhelmed by a number of newsletters daily and nobody even wants to read them anymore. Testing the subjects or the ways to address the sender is no longer enough. Especially now, when it’s so easy to separate these emails into folders like promotions or bulk mail. We all check our email regularly, but how often do you check these two folders? Probably not that much.

By using Messenger marketing, you can reach users where they spend the most of their time and where they are used to replying to messages. Facebook Messenger is a place where 1.3 billion users hang out. Not a bad number, right? And with a chatbot you can easily reach out to them. What do you need for it?

  • Facebook page fans
  • Facebook Messenger
  • A tool or application to create your own bot
  • Subscription messaging approval (an approval to send unlimited messages)

We use MobileMonkey – whose founder Larry Kim is the founder of the successful company Wordstream. Not so long ago, he sold his company for decent 100 million dollars. I believe this guy knows what he’s doing and why he’s investing money into the Messenger marketing tool.

People are used to opening messages in Messenger. All you need is to catch their attention and your communication can begin. What kind of the follow up to choose is up to you. It can be a promo code with a discount, a new release or a funny gif. The messages look natural, as if they came from a friend. When was the last time you received an email with a gif with cats, a meme or a funny picture? Users enjoy the chatbot and this is another reason for the great figures.

What content to send in messages?

Anything your contacts might enjoy, and which would meet the goals and expectations you have for the Messenger marketing. Write naturally and people will enjoy communicating with you. Send interesting facts about you, your company, the news and of course the promo messages. For more information, check our other articles on chatbot. Hurry up and get into the Messenger marketing while it is still used by only 1% of the companies on Facebook.

Leave us a message and we will be very happy to help you or show you real case studies!

About the author

Milan Cidilo mentor and the head of the 6Clickz. He puts an emphasis on a constant advancement and improvement of not only marketing strategies but also on the improvement of his colleagues professionally as well as personally. Recently, Milan has been one of the speakers at the WebExpo which belongs among the biggest web conferences in Czech Republic. You can check out his presentation here. Some of his latest international projects include InnocentStore, Xiaomi-Store.cz and Benu.cz.