Necessary Steps to Build a Killer Visual Marketing Strategy for Your Brand

October 5, 2020

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When it comes to content marketing, we would all agree that having a strong brand identity is critical to any marketing strategy success. How your brand interacts with your audience needs to tell a compelling story that leaves them returning for more. And what better way is there to capture their attention than through vivid and colourful images, videos, and graphics?


Considering that consumers’ brains process visual information much faster, they are more likely to engage with graphic posts over text. To capture your visitors’ attention long enough to make a purchase, you need to develop a killer visual marketing strategy :

Curate Your Visual Content Goals

Rather than post incohesive visual contents all over your page, it would help if you had a clear idea of your brand development and marketing strategy. Least it gets lost in translation. As a content marketer, my advice will be that you make use of clean and minimal visual content. When mapping out your visual content strategies, you need to identify:

  • Why your brands require a visual content marketing strategy?
  • The benefits of visual content marketing for your brand
  • The expected results from using the visual content marketing strategy


Look into your previous marketing strategy and its impact to guide you on how to develop the new one. How well can your effort increase leads, likes, views, referrals, shares, conversions, etc. when you implement your new strategies? Use tools such as Google Analytics to analyze and track the changes and success of your new strategy and SEO rankings.

Post only High-Quality Images

The digital marketing space has become filled with a lot of content. Yours will need to stand out in ways that grab readers’ attention. When putting out content, you should consider breaking up your texts using high quality and exciting pictures. It entices your audience to go through your whole page.


Besides spicing up your text with high-quality images, ensure that the photos are likewise contextually relevant. When businesses use related pictures for their content, they get 94% more views than those that use inappropriate images. If you run an eCommerce shop selling candy, your site should carry colorful photos of a variety of sweets. However, if the website shows a couple’s images on vacation or flower gardens, the content gets fewer interactions.

Using personal images is a great way to add a personal touch to your content and connect with your audience. However, you can implore free and straightforward drag-and-drop tools such as JumpStory for unlimited downloads and full commercial license Photos, videos, icons, vector and illustrations. Remember to credit the photo source of each image you use.


Show off Your Product’s Ability

An interesting fact about visual marketing is that it gives you room to create demand by showing consumers multiple ways to use your products and how it can cater to their needs. In turn, this can build a whole brand campaign when your audience are also given room to share creative new ways of using your products via pictures and short videos you can repost.

Oreo is an excellent example of that. They share a variety of images, DIY projects, and a ton of recipes that make you reminisce about your childhood. You can enable your audience to carry out product usability tests and share how-to videos for step by step directions. You can also share side-by-side before and after images so that it can show your products wow factor.


Tell Visual Stories Using Infographics and Data

Including infographics to complex data and statistics can make it more compelling and easy to read. When making use of infographics as a part of your content marketing strategy, the layout and design must be as informative as possible. Use graphics with the right colours, shapes, and fonts to capture the audience’s attention and convey your message.


Furthermore, the information you provide needs to be accurate and contextually relevant. If you use infographics on social platforms, add a thumbnail and a hyperlink to the website hosting the full picture. It allows you to override social media size restrictions and increases your website traffic. Handy software for designing your infographics such as Infogr.Am, Venngage, Piktochart, and Tableau are also available.

Leverage on Video Marketing

Video marketing statistics pointing towards an increase in consumer preference for online videos, most marketers haven’t fully caught up with video marketing strategies or aren’t seeing the best results. You can include a video on your website’s landing page to leverage video marketing for your brand. It can help to increase your conversion rates by as much as 80%.


Therefore, to capture your visitors’ attention long enough to decide on making a purchase, a video is an excellent site enhancer. Most brands create killer visual strategies to build brand awareness, post relevant information for all customers, and likewise drive sales with the use of video marketing. They are doing this through websites, personalized email, and social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to share their stories using captivating videos and ads.

Capture and Share Images of Celebrity Engagement

Notwithstanding that most modern content marketers often describe celebrity product endorsements as ‘cheesy’ and ineffective, you could have a killer marketing strategy at your hands if you utilized it properly. You can quickly grab your audiences’ attention by sharing visual posts of celebrities interacting with your product via social channels.


These images could be of them at your store, making use of your products or services, at your product launch, etc. This kind of visual content is guaranteed to keep your consumers engaged. However, if getting a celebrity for your brand isn’t feasible, it’s possible to post images of leaders in your community or industry and other locals that those within your location look up to.

Conclusion on building a killer visual marketing strategy for your brand:

The strategies on building your visual content as a part of an effective marketing campaign are limitless. However, these killer visual strategies listed above can be quickly adapted to increase marketing leverage and consumer engagement, especially for small brands with limited resources.

About the author

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