Visual Marketing: Strategizing Through Visual Objects

December 15, 2021

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Planning the right visual is one of the most crucial aspects of visual marketing strategies. It’s a group of marketing tactics that employ images to raise awareness, elicit emotions, and convert site visitors and casual browsers into paying customers.

The key demographics include the combination of colors, font size, graphics, depth, and texture. Visual elements create the critical impression of an image and can more relatively impact the quality of a product/service.


Focus on your target audience

The target audience for the visual marketing campaigns includes various demographics such as sex, age, interests, hobbies, and whatsoever. Such demographics can quickly impact your decision towards identifying the perfect visual for them.

Create specific target-engaging objects

Getting people to talk has become a significant challenge in visual marketing campaigns. People are reluctant to react to posts or images but getting a word out of their mouths is more complicated than ever. That is why visual marketing should contain certain elements to grab people’s attention and make them take a particular action.

holding hands

Decide where you should use your objects

It’s essential to sincerely acknowledge all digital platforms to clearly understand the relevance of each visual to its place. For example, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are owned by one company, but it doesn’t mean that both platforms serve one purpose. Their aims vary as some media platforms aim to connect people, others seek to entertain, and many others to share information with their viewers. Such visuals include annoying TV-like ads.

Create cringe and lovable TikTok acts.

The second most popular person on TikTok does not say a word. You have also likely watched, rewatched, and shared several of his videos. What’s his name?

Between June 2020 and June 2021, Khabane Lame’s brand of voiceless 30-second cringe videos transformed the unemployed Senegalese into an international star with a net worth between $1M and $2M.

Put them in the most suitable places and positions

Even though visuals can be pretty compelling, it is crucial to know which position the images should be placed in on websites and in real-life advertising campaigns. As previously said, visuals create the most accessible impression about the product/service and even a website. Hence, visual content needs to fulfill its target audience’s desires and tastes.

stones positioned on top of each other

Where can you use visual marketing?

Visuals do not have to be overly shown to irritate visitors and not be left in the corner to be hardly seen. Therefore, it is crucial to post the correct visual in relevant places. Most employers apply the visuals in the middle of the webpage, and it can be good-looking. Social media platforms are also great aspects of inserting visual marketing campaigns. There is no such rule in which position the visual has to be inserted. The main goal is where the most action is taken by the audience to be more visible to them.

Outdoor PR

Another excellent example of visual marketing is outdoor PR. Through outdoor advertising, consumers are exposed to advertising outside of their homes and offline. Outdoor advertising is omnipresent, and it has the power to reach customers in a more effective way than the enormous billboards you see dotting the interstate. Even though people spend their leisure time on digital platforms, they do not forget about living their own lives.

people in a busy walking street

Videos and photos on social media

Videos and photos are one of the broadest types of visual marketing. According to studies, users spend 88 percent more time on a website with video. Both images and text produce 1200 percent more shares than video. The most popular videos are those that are less than two minutes long.

Sliders, background pictures, and animations of a website

Such images create the first impression about the website. When a random person first views the website, they need to see the clearly defined website with background images and other visuals related to relevant topics. Animations and sliders drive viewers to stay longer on the website, which entertains more and leads to more conversion rate.

man and woman looking at a computer

Are visuals better than text?

Text marketing is a marketing strategy that sends adverts or promotions to people via text messaging. Text marketing covers a wide range of advertisements, from the primary brand or product promotion to special promotions and discounts for mobile users, as well as product notifications. Visual marketing uses visual content such as photographs, movies, and GIFs to communicate information to your audience, create emotional connections, and develop your brand. Contrary to common opinion, visual content marketing isn’t only about distributing excellent photographs and infographics.

Visual memory is stronger than textual

Visual information accounts for 90% of all information conveyed to the human brain throughout the day. Although verbal communication is crucial, visual information will always reign supreme. According to studies, 40 percent of individuals respond to pictures significantly better than text.

people in cinema

The brain absorbs visual information faster than textual

For the first time, new research demonstrates how visual attention influences activity in specific brain cells. People remember visual content through long-term memory

According to the findings, paying attention improves communication effectiveness in the brain’s cerebral cortex and enhances the signal-to-noise ratio.

Visuals are more likely to touch emotions

Visuals draw our attention, elicit positive feelings, and influence our attitudes. They are processed 60,000 times quicker than words in our brains.

man running

Wrapping up

Visuals are extremely powerful in connecting with your audience. Don’t waste any more time and start strategizing with visual objects today!

About the author

Raffi Muradyan is founder/CEO of the Optimizeay digital marketing agency. Professional in Digital Marketing, 8+ years in a digital marketing agency. SEO, SMM, email marketing expert open to working on challenging projects. Professional in team leading and project management. I can give you valuable advice on branding and promoting your product or project using multiple strategies.

Raffi Muradyan

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