Visual Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – Five Tips

February 15, 2021
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If you want your business to reach the next level, then considering content marketing strategy is essential. It is because you can put into words the value of the products and services you provide to customers. Also, it helps people to determine whether to do business with you or not. 

Further, to elevate the effectiveness of digital marketing, you can consider visual marketing. However, many people think visual marketing is hard to execute. If you are also one of them, then this article is for you covering five proven tips to propel any visual marketing plan. Take a look! 

1. Develop User-Generated Content To Increase Credibility 

If you are finding challenging to invest in visual marketing because of creating fresh visuals frequently, then here is the solution. Develop user-generated content, alternatively known as user-created content, in any content form like images, text, videos, reviews, etc. According to the research, most of the online shoppers find visual content more attractive while making a purchasing decision. 

When actual photos from your customers are posted, they are seen as visual reviews which help other users to have a better idea about a product or service. Here you can ask your customers to post about your product, using a hashtag or tagging your business name on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. Even you can provide them with discount coupons for encouraging them to do so.   

2. Share Candid Pictures To Build Trust

Hiring a professional photographer for quality pictures can break your budget. Today in the era of social media, live video streaming and stories have set an expectation that businesses should always share fresh visual content. That’s the reason you should now opt for taking candid pictures using your smartphone. 

It is possible that initially, you may not get polished shots compared to professionals. But when there is a priority to build trust among customers, you need to be spontaneous enough to take the pictures. Considering different social media platforms, you can share candid snapshots of your business ideas or any other activity that you feel that posting it can grab the customers’ attention. 

3. Use Stock Photos To Establish Brand’s Visual Style

When you have limited time and resources, the convenient idea for visual marketing is using stock photos. There are both free and paid online sites providing stock pictures related to your business ideas. According to the research, 13% of the marketers claimed that stock photos resulted in the best outcome

If you prefer to use free stock photos, then always ensure to customised the shots as per your business needs. You can edit it by using different templates, changing colours, putting typography, or putting your logo on them. Here your aim should be to create unique and engaging photos to enhance your brand’s image.  

4. Design Vectors and Graphics To Add Value To Visual Marketing

Graphics are used to display details like customer reviews, relevant statistics, quotes or holiday greetings. It is always better to think creative whenever you are sharing the business message to targeted customers. That’s because when users observe something different than usual, they will get easily engaged with it. 

You can create different content that you think will benefit from a graphic-design method. Also, ensure that your content is written, keeping business goals in mind. Add graphic visuals in the content and post it on different platforms. Attractive looking graphics will surely boost the value of visual branding strategy.


5. Prefer Live Videos To Build Customer Base

Live videos are an excellent way to show your business product or service working in a very efficient manner. Even you can create DIYs and tutorials related to your business as it is the best approach to capture the audience attention, spark conversation, and generate shares. This formula will take your visual branding to the next level; however, its success will depend on the content. 

As per the research, 72% of the customers prefer knowing about any particular service or product through videos. Thus, consider visual branding content to publish in live video format. You can share interviews, explainers, tutorials, or live stream product or service launches. Ensure to keep it easy to understand, entertaining, and informative as it increases the chances of capturing the attention of your customers. 

The Bottom Line

Acknowledging all of these tips will help you implement visual marketing efficiently. Also, it proves to be the significant driver of growth for your business. By opting visual branding, your social media efforts will produce needed results. It’s all about experimentation and creativity when you consider visual marketing strategy to integrate into your business plan.  

About the author

Jigna Shah is the imaginative senior content writer at Adaptify – one of the best digital marketing agencies in Melbourne. She is enthusiastic about writing on trending subjects related to digital or visual marketing that help companies of all types to improve their brand image.