Visual Marketing and its Impact on E-commerce

December 29, 2020
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Are you really concerned about how necessary is high-quality visual content to create engagement? Whether you are or not, you won’t have to worry about it. Throughout this article, we are about to enlighten some tips that might be useful to generate attraction and confidence towards your users and, therefore, lighting the way to develop higher sales in your E-commerce by using the appropriate visual material.

Still, not everything is acceptable and that’s the reason why we are focusing on bringing some advices into the spotlight to explain how to improve visual content by giving solid images that won’t turn out on your visitors leaving your webpage and possibly buying your competitors services instead.

According to Annual eCommerce Research 2017, made by IAB Spain, 7 out of 10 internet users are more likely to buy services via internet. E-commerce is now fully settled in countries such as Spain, and everyday more people adhere this way of shopping.

Now, let’s go straight to the point about some relevant details included in the Annual eCommerce Research 2017:

  • 74% of Spanish people buy via internet: young people lead this way.
  • Spaniards, for instance, spend a great piece of their savings buying online rather than offline.
  • Prices are no longer the first reason for online shopping against convenience and availability.
  • E-commerce related to tech products, fashion or complements, have increased their sales volume faster leading online shopping.
  • Suggestions and opinions of relatives and/or friends have a great impact when shopping online.
  • Excellent quality audiovisual materials performs a great impact on E-commerce and improves sales conversion.
  • Prices and ease of use are some of the variables that more satisfaction breed to the users, along with positive experiences during the shopping process and safe payment options.
  • A well-developed delivery time also shows a high level of satisfaction for customers and could be one of the first reasons for E-commerce to be chosen by them.

All these factors combined need to be considered when plotting your course as they settle the state of maturity of E-commerce in Spain and can be easily extrapolated to other countries.

Due to this, it is highly important not to neglect our E-commerce performance. Our aim should be offering our users the most compelling experience accordingly to their tastes, interests, and needs. And we can make it all thanks to visual marketing among a bunch of other several techniques.

It is no longer enough to provide regular pics of your products or services and waiting for your perfect costumer just to find them. As our surroundings are constantly changing, we must get into the change with them and, unless we want to get outdated, we need to analise our issues and address them. There are a host of new proposals, tends and tools that can strengthen and boost your E-commerce considering visual content.

Design and website management

One of the first steps that we must keep in mind is how our online shop is organised and what we can do to make it visually more attractive to our target audience, because it will be essential for sales conversion.

An E-commerce must be easy to use and containing a well-organised design, with a clear and concise structure and free of unnecessary or repetitive elements.

It is important to use an attractive and spotless design, there’s no need to overcharge our website with lots of elements. Quantity is not over quality and blank spaces are vital to focus each one’s attention into what we really wish to highlight: sliders or carousels could be our precious allies for promotion purposes or to outline some products.

To put it in a nutshell, the easier to use an E-commerce is the most attractive it will be to its target audience. An attractive design which ensures safety and confidence, with a clear and professional aesthetics and a mix of graphic material that empowers the services the E-commerce, is the key for success.

Pictures and videos

Pictures and videos may be one of the most significant sides in which to keep an eye on to achieve our goals. Bearing in mind that inside of a physical shop the consumer not only can see the product but also to touch it, the best way to approach our online services to our target audience when we lack physical business, is by making a great effort with a strong visual work.

Supporting our website with high-quality images and videos is fundamental. They also need to be as faithful to reality as possible and free of any filters that may differ from reality, so they would be attractive for the costumer.

You can find some practical tips down below to asset these tasks:

  • Don’t distract your costumers: Your product or service is the one starring, so not any other element should be distracting their attention from them.
  • Be consistent with your visual content: we must avoid looking purposeless or chaotic by giving our website a simple but consistent style and structure.
  • Be careful with the lighting exposition and take care of the post-production edition.

Meeting all these tips would turn out our customers online shopping experience into an outsanding sales conversion for our E-commerce. Don’t be afraid to get down to business.

Augmented reality and social shopping

Taking a step further from images and videos, augmented reality and social shopping should be mentioned besides they are yet rarely used (but more and more each day!)

Being able to provide more visual information before purchasing by virtually testing a product or approaching to our target audience using social media, will definitely make us a trustworthy E-commerce which owns a flawless online shopping experience.

As we have seen, there are lots of factors that play an important role into purchase decision, but maybe one of the most important one is the visual content which helps to improve confidence and online shopping experience. On account of this, it is vital to make it sharper and to get it optimised for the sake of our online business, since it is a fantastic way to set themselves apart from competitors.

Everyday more companies are investing in this sort of business as it already means positive economic results once the visual content is well implemented.

About the author

This article was written by Giuliana Estina Valderrama