Using Marketing Automation with Visual Elements – How to Grab the Attention of the Recipients?

April 6, 2022

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Modern marketers need to use a wide spectrum of tools, while also inventing new ways to reach their recipients (and potential customers) to let people know about their company products and services.

Grabbing attention hasn’t been easy in the past. Right now when every company is going through internal and external processes of digitalization. Competing with others on the market requires the sum of great ideas and tools that can quickly and accurately deliver them to the clients.

men talking

Showing, not describing

Visual elements are the key factor in turning the attention of the recipients toward the company. Right now, the average attention span of the recipient is somewhat of 5 seconds. And it keeps getting shorter. That is a really narrow window in which the message can be delivered and understood.

People scan the delivered content in search of the one element that can focus their attention and quickly answer the question: “is it worth it to sacrifice my time to dwell on it”? One of the marketers’ jobs is to create the message in such a way that the answer is always Yes! While the recipient is going through the received content they are gaining the confidence that the decision that they made, was the right one.

Women talking computer

Unique graphic elements are effective tools for focusing attention on a specific theme, subject, or notion. They can and will turn on different emotional reactions. Curiosity is not the only one that focuses the attention of the recipient on the core of the message. This is not easy, but it can be done, and it can be done easier.

Those elements aren’t picked or designed at random. Using even a simple graphic for a blog article needs to be preceded by an analysis of the recipient group, their interests, preferences, and needs.

Some kind of persona needs to be created. An ideal client, reader, and supporter. To do this a wide arrange of data needs to be collected, checked, and used. All of it can take lots of time, especially if the company is engaged in many different campaigns. With this process and many more, Marketing Automation Systems can help.

man working in front of a computer

Marketing Automation – what do you really know about it?

To better understand how visual elements can be more efficiently used during campaigns, promotions, and on a daily basis by various companies and small businesses, it is worth checking out what is out there and how it works.

One of the best solutions that can speed up the process of getting what is really important and can be used from a big amount of data are tools that Marketing Automation Systems can provide.

Marketing Automation (or MA for short) is a technology that is used practically in every kind of industry. It helps in creating and managing external or internal communication in different channels. But before the more technical stuff, read the example below. It will show you what MA can do for you at the very beginning.

Let’s imagine that…

You need to maintain an undisturbed connection with your client. Your tasks include calling, writing messages, creating new proposals, sending recommendations, reminding about events, redirecting to other sites while the client is looking for something to buy, and so on. That is a lot that has to be done. And it is only one person. Only one.

What if there happens to be 50 of them or 5000, and you know that many of those recipients belong to different groups in your database? Those groups focus on different values, interests, and needs. To put it simply – you can’t maintain communication with them without any kind of personalization. If you did, there is a big possibility that your message will not be interesting. And after some time, your contact list will start to shrink.

Marketing Automation allows you to communicate with thousands or even millions of people if needed, in a personalized way, using different communication channels and forms of contact. Each of those channels and forms uses visual elements for attention-grabbing. So if your product or service happens to be perfect for different groups of people from your list, with MA you can present its different aspects to them more easily.

crowd of people

In this case…

Easily mean faster, and more efficient with a higher chance for conversions, while minimizing the occurrence of abandoned baskets (processes). Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, it is not. This explainer video is just an example of the wide spectrum of possibilities that MA helps to achieve.

According to a more technical definition, Marketing Automation is a system that has already integrated various MarTech (marketing technology) tools. Those tools are gathering data about clients and recipients. This allows you to create and maintain automated and personalized communication within multiple communication channels. 

This data is important in choosing, creating, and using visual elements like photos, infographics, templates, graphics for posts or articles, and so on. MA will gather data about users’ attributes (e-mail, name, city), activities (clicks, what they were doing while on the website), and history of previous purchases (what was interesting, what kind of products or services were chosen most).

a Team of people

Those processes are just the tip of the iceberg that each company must answer and take care of not only while preparing for the promotion but also on a daily basis. MA can maintain it automatically without the need for the relegation of an additional workforce. Besides, any user can start to automate pretty quickly. In the case of iPresso, it is just a few hours, and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do it.

How to connect MA with visual elements?

Ok, now you know what Marketing Automation to some extent is, and what it can do. There are various features that can help to use the potential of visual elements the most. High-quality, authentic photos can be used in various ways. To promote, recommend, encourage, make laugh, make recipients think, or do anything else, depending on the CTA.

In each case, you can more easily lead the potential customer toward the start of the Customer Journey, and maintain his or her course while they are at it. For example, by the sequences of messages and by giving the assurance that your company is with them each step of the way, providing necessary help if needed.

So, when picking up a visual element from JumpStory or creating your own, through MA you are gaining access to make it more visible for your recipients. Using personalized scenarios, recommendations, or action-driven pop-ups, you can reach different audiences in different ways – ways that are designed strictly for those audiences.

two people taking a photo

Wrapping up

As has been mentioned above – sending one kind of message is the best way to lose. Besides, when you take into consideration that today most companies are communicating with their audiences through digital means, then you will quickly see that having a set of ready-to-use tools that can communicate through different channels is a solution that will keep paying itself back with each passing day.

High-quality, authentic photos are an internal part of this communication process. But even the flashiest, most original photo will be useless if you don’t have the means to make people see it and focus their attention on the notion (or notions) that it represents.

Now you can make sure that your graphic materials will be seen. iPresso Marketing Automation System is offering a 30-day trial without any cost – you can test and find out for yourself how easy using MA is, and if you like it, go from there to one of the subscription plans.

About the author

Content Editor at iPresso, also a copywriter with 12 years of experience in writing and looking for essence in various subjects. Philosophy graduate who loves what he is doing.

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Leszek Jasiński

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