The world’s simplest AI-tool to create images

January 4, 2024

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Maybe you’ve read about the massive lawsuit against Open AI started by The New York Times?

Open AI is the company behind popular tools such as ChatGPT and DALLE, and they’re being attacked by many artists and big companies for stealing their data and content without paying for it.

You might wonder: What has this got to do with me as an ordinary user of popular AI-tools like Midjourney or DALLE-3 , where you can turn your text into images?

We still don’t know to be totally honest, but it could not only be a risk for the AI-companies, but also a potential risk for their users. When you generate photos, illustrations, icons etc. using AI, you still have to consider the copyright of others.

Illustration created by EVERYDAY AI

How we’re different from Midjourney & DALLE

This was one of many reasons why we decided to create the world’s simplest and SAFEST way to create image with AI. We’ve named it EVERYDAY.

Originally we started our journey in the stock photo industry, because we wanted to change all the cliché and dull looking images into something more real, relatable and powerful.

We’ve considered working with AI-generation of photos, icons, illustrations etc. for many years, but we we’re originally worried that it would be:

  1. A way of contributing to a world of more cliché and fake-looking visuals.
  2. A way of infringing the copyright of others.

Both of these are against our values as a company, so we’ve worked on this for years, until we finally came up with EVERYDAY.

Cartoon-style image generated using EVERYDAY AI

With EVERYDAY we’ve solved all of these issues. Whether you’re a marketeer; a designer; a freelancer; an entrepreneur; a keynote speaker; a digital agency or something completely different, it’s 100% safe for you to use EVERYDAY.

From the beginning our vision has been that creating amazing AI-images should be for everyone. You should be able to use it everyday, and it should be as easy as making that nice cup of coffee.

Drawing-style image generated using EVERYDAY AI

Why people in 150 countries love EVERYDAY

With the JumpStory platform you can:

– Search millions of real and relatable photos & videos
– Create new visuals with the world’s simplest AI-generator – EVERYDAY
– Use all the images 100% worry-free.

We aspire to become a bit like Google, even though we know that this is a massive statement. What we mean is that Google made the world simple for ‘the seekers’. We’re making it simple for ‘the creators’.

AI-tools like Midjourney, DALLE and Shutterstock AI require that you have skills within prompting and tech to get great results. With EVERYDAY this is not necessary.

This makes EVERYDAY the world’s simplest AI-generator, where you can generate illustrations, 3D-images, icons and much more in seconds. It’s totally safe and legal to use, and you even get our global insurance a part of it – for free.

Creating amazing AI-images is no longer for the experts. It’s for EVERYONE!

Image generated using EVERYDAY AI and the text ‘simple living’

Time to make AI-creation much simpler

We make the creation of AI images much simpler, smarter and safer. How?

    No restrictions and no credits. Use when you need it.

    No prompting or technical skills needed. Can be used by everyone.

    No legal issues. Use AI-images generated for everything worry free.

    You get millions of real images; AI-tools like remove background
    and other time-saving tools as part of your account. At no extra cost!

3D image generated using EVERYDAY AI and the text ‘life is simple’

About the author

Jonathan Løw is the co-founder of JumpStory. He is one of Denmark’s most well-known entrepreneurs and business authors. He has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and is amongst Denmark’s 100 most promising leaders according to a major Danish business newspaper. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Løw is the former Head of Marketing at the KaosPilots – named Top 10 most innovative business schools in the world by FastCompany. He is also former Startup-Advisor and Investor at Accelerace – the leading investment fund for startups in Denmark.

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