The Unicorn Marketer Employee Top Skills & Signs of Professionals

November 13, 2020

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In today’s age of never-ending progress and technology sophistication, it’s hard to find a modern and authentic unicorn employee and even harder to distinguish one from the crowd, not to mention recruiting to join a business.

JumpStory is all about being unique, authentic, and high-performance, but first…

What is a Unicorn Employee?

Unicorn employees are that special breed of people that always stand out. These are the people who achieve, develop, and constantly widen a unique skill set that the average person can’t process.

It is wild skill combos that make up a real digital monster, the kind of online beast who can turn a start-up into a successful enterprise with the potential of pushing it all the way up to a market-dominating empire. That’s what a unicorn marketer employee is.

Why unicorns?

The industry uses the label because these rare magicians are multi-talented, have an immense drive and motivation, ready to adapt to situations most people struggle to react. Such a person can benefit marketing teams, sales executives, consultants, influencers, design, logistics, and pretty much any part of the modern company.

If you come across one, treat him or her for what he or she really is – a unicorn!
A magical creature with a priceless horn, and rainbow-colored tail, just as one unparalleled set of hard and soft skills under the belt.

Hybrid abilities and strong motivation drive unicorn employees to:

  • their own success,
  • that of the team,
  • and the company.

That’s why in the following piece, I share with you the skills that unicorns would add or highlight in a resume or cover letter, so you can best recognize one, the moment you see it.

Analytical Mindset and Skills

The ability to decipher data, identify trends, and analyze behavior, sets unicorns aside from the crowd. This type of professional can analyze numbers and figure out what the target audience needs, how it behaves, and what unique preferences the business needs to know.

Rockstar employees have a natural talent for stats, improvement of key performance indicators, measuring rates of potential risk, and the list goes on!
Analytical thinking is key to a successful business strategy and processes. These employees learn from the past, analyze the present, and develop a particular hunch to predict or influence the future.

Isn’t that what every business needs?
Yes, it is. But what else?

Thorough Understanding of Search and Healthy Web Practices

Unicorns are SEO and SEM-minded.

The modern ninja employee knows that optimized content and website are key to any successful campaign. Shining-star employees have a thorough understanding of search engine marketing strategies, automation, clever tactics, best practices, tricks of the trade, and secrets of the algorithm.

Content Planning and Strategy

Unicorn marketers are content masters. Such wizards have a natural talent for content curation tools and all their applications – to curate research, create, measure, promote, publish, manage, and optimize written, visual and downloadable bits of info or messaging on the fly for both humans and bots!

Unicorns build an influential digital presence through email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and social media. These gems in the flesh are talented storytellers who can engage and influence an audience through a unique approach to marketing, sales, management, or any other aspect of business you want on fire!

Check out the top content marketing trends you need to know in 2023 to stay on track and away from marketing mistakes.

Digital Medium and Design

The true unicorn marketer has a natural approach to visual marketing, design, and handling visuals in general. Using tools like Jumpstory’s image editor happens in a breeze along with intriguing selection, fundamental understanding of resolution, file size, and lazy loading.

Social Media Channels and Behavior

Unicorns are fluent in winning social media advertising to achieve both personal and marketing goals. The unique employee gem has a natural and in-depth understanding of social media channels and how algorithms work. Such a busy bee delivers results and boosts audience engagement throughout a wide range of social media platforms.

These special marketers assess the pros and cons of the many platforms out there. People of extraordinary spirit structure time and money spent to achieve top efficiency. Taking your business to the next level through social media is the kind of magic unicorns do.

Creativity, Imagination, and Improvisation

Unicorn marketers’ creativity is borderline magic.

Their natural ingenuity creates unique concepts and develops an innovative approach. Unicorns are inventive and always have a spare idea at hand. Expert marketers know no boundaries and put in relentless efforts to produce bis results. These shining stars offer creative solutions to problems through their imagination, innovation, and improvisation.

Focus, Objectives, and Stimulus

Unicorn marketers follow clear objectives, assign priorities and prioritize their tasks along with the various marketing expenses involved in the field. Such wizards are ready to step in and help wherever needed and will tailor their cover letter to any industry or company. Unicorn employees go beyond expectations and get things done even outside of their regular duties, which makes them an invaluable asset to any company.

Mobile-oriented Mindset

The unicorns are masters in mobile marketing. They apply Push notifications, QR code marketing, SMS notification, and other mobile strategies. The effective mobile marketing approach adds to the success of the modern-day digital influencer.

Understanding of E-commerce and Online Sales

E-commerce marketers drive awareness and increase sales by leveraging social media platforms, search engines, email campaigns, and content marketing.

Unicorn marketers are well aware of how the e-commerce experience works, be it of digital or physical products. The unique employee can tailor company goals to the ever-changing field of e-commerce trends and technology.

Resourceful and Creative

The marketing environment is demanding, and dynamic, and obstacles appear daily. Unicorn marketers are not afraid of challenges, they find solutions and overcome difficulties. Resourceful leaders do more with less and optimize the resources to their most efficient capacity.

Nitty-grittiness and Attention to Details

Unicorn employees are thorough and accurate. The wizards read the fine print and also see the big picture. Everything they touch is tailored to perfection, and attention to detail makes or breaks it.

Adaptability and Flexibility

The marketing environment changes faster than a normal employee comprehends. Unicorn employees adapt to new trends and stay up to date with the latest innovations. These magicians are versatile and not confined by job description.

Collaboration and Team Spirit

Unicorns collaborate with other teams or fellow marketers to achieve their goals. Interpersonal and communication skills play vital roles in a successful partnership. Unicorn employees work alongside developers, graphic designers, copywriters, etc… A unicorn motivates teammates to produce top-quality work. They also practice collaborative marketing and collaborative learning to raise brand awareness, reduce costs, and increase the revenue stream.

Leadership by Example

Successful unicorn marketers are natural leaders. They inspire and influence everyone that comes close to their magical aura. Leadership plays an essential role in the development of marketing strategies and analytical decisions.
Unicorns are role models for aspiring digital marketers. Coworkers respect and praise their unique vision, passion, and values.

Performance and Productivity

Unicorns are performance marketers. The outcome matters the most, and they believe that results justify a strategy. And when these rare marketing magicians undertake a strategy, they do the unicorn growth hack. Such a person can use a single efficient approach in multiple ways.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

Clone it. Repurpose it. Promote it. Write a blog about it. Create a video. Launch a webinar. Again. And again. Until it stops bringing results. Then find another. Repeat.

Unicorn Marketer – Final Words

No one is born a unicorn. Unicorn marketers develop through hard work, commitment, and motivation. They strive for success but remain humble and open to suggestions. Their resourcefulness, agility, and creativity set them apart from the donkeys. Technical expertise and analytical skills are a promise for success. Combined with passion, teamwork, and top-notch performance you have a bombastic unicorn marketer.

Unicorns run in the wild but once caught they deliver explosive results. Create an outstanding resume, and highlight your magical skills to attract attention toward your shining marketing persona. Personalize your resume with a video resume to share along with it.

About the author

Dimitar Karamarinov is an award-winning digital marketeer with authorship in a broad range of digital medium and multimedia. With over a decade of experience in audio, graphic and motion design, along with various forms of business and communication, Dimitar gains experience with Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Inc 5000, along with various charity initiatives under his belt. Dimitar Karamarinov is proactive in appearance on established media such as Forbes, Metro News, CMSWire, SEOblog, BBN Times and more.

Dimitar Karamarinov

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