The strongest defense against Covid-19 are the vision and communication of a business

May 12, 2020
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The spread of COVID-19 put all business sectors through serious difficulties – from manufacturing of foods and essential commodities, which had to deliver in times of vast demand, through to tourism, where the majority of businesses had to suspend all lines of work for an unspecified period of time, reaching online shopping platforms, which became the most sought source for goods, especially in the countries with stricter conditions.

After March, we can easily reach the conclusion that our expectations, plans and visions, for the way of life and expansion of businesses, are not going to be the same – at least until the end of 2020. In countries with strict quarantine conditions we can observe a sort of “survival of the fittest” situation, where only the most flexible and thoughtful business owners are able to sustain their existence. In other words, those who are putting the most effort into their business right now, are the ones who are going to keep their positions and maybe even outgrow them.

Media and Digital channels against the effects of the pandemic

As a PR specialist, I face challenges and hardships of businesses from various sectors on a daily basis. My experience shows that flexibility wins in such cases as it brings intuitiveness and adequate decision making without the loss of precious time.

A vital role in this process has our digital positioning, our image online, our image in channels and medias that we use to reach our audience. There are a lot of good examples of companies who have taken advantage of a wide range of channels that haven’t been used before to communicate their brand to their target audience. What I always advise companies that I work with is to invest in diversity.

If they have a certain budget for advertising, they shouldn’t waste it all just for social media or just for Google Ads. They should split it in a way that can help them reach the largest amount of people that would be interested in their product or service.

In the same time, companies should also be active in social medias and medias in general – through posts, banners, blogs, etc. In search engines, the direct link can be used with creative email campaigns, and if the field of business allows it, use influencer marketing. That is, of course, after doing a thorough analysis of the audience.

Leaving oneself in the comfort of just one channel (for example if you’re used to doing just Instagram and Facebook ads) means that you reach only one part of your target audience. For all others you’re left a stranger. It has to be taken into consideration that audiences in the various channels for communication and information are different.

For example, people who regularly watch TV are less active on the web, and vice versa. The key is for us to use the most effective tools from Digital Marketing and PR simultaneously and the results will soon start coming – that’s my formula for success.

 Image always comes first

Although I haven’t given credit to the importance of the visual content we use in our campaigns and advertising, they make a huge difference in the way our message is communicated to our target audience. Our vision online is the first thing which our audience encounters and because of that the first impression is of great importance.

Whether it is a website or a social media page, just like food – we first feast with our eyes. My advice here is – approach your design in a stylish manner, slick, clean, classy. If you don’t know how your website should look, look into other businesses’ websites – even those of your competitors.

Don’t limit yourselves only with the examples from the market where your business is running, look into other markets as well, broaden your specter so you can be sure that your design is in line with the current trends. Also, always use legitime visual content.

JumpStory is a perfect example for a platform where you can download images and videos with simple rights for usage. To put it in another way – nobody is going to bother you if you’ve used a picture labeled “No rights reserved” in your website or social media, if you’ve taken it from a legitimate source, such as JumpStory.

When you’re using legitimate content, you can tell by the quality, authenticity, lack of watermarks and more. What is most important is that visual content brings value to the products and/or services you’re offering and significantly increases the image of your company.

In times like these, only the flexible and progressive-thinking ones thrive. Those who show themselves to the world and communicate with their audience, those who offer quality content. Be one of them!

About the author

Pavel Penchev is the founder and manager of PRPENCHEV with more than 9 years of experience in the field of works with media. His company has accomplished a number of successful projects in the spheres of Digital marketing and PR since its very founding. Pavel’s professional experience includes a long period of work as a television journalist after which he started looking into PR. Ever since, he has participated in the media organization of top-level international events within the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council in 2018, and has been responsible for the digital vision and communication related to His Holiness Pope Francis in Sofia in 2019.