The Future Belongs to The Curious

November 23, 2023

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The world needs dreamers, and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.

This book is for the doers. It’s an anthology written by 150 inspiring impact makers, who’ve turned ideas into reality and impact. It’s an anthology that wants to contribute to … 

LESS committees … MORE commitment

LESS talking … MORE tackling

LESS later … MORE now.

Doers & Dreamers is a non-profit project supported by JumpStory. I co-founded JumpStory back in 2018 with my fellow Danish entrepreneur Anders Thiim, and the co-edi­tor of this book, Viktoria Stoyanova, was our first employ­ee. We’re trying to transform the world of stock photos, but this is not a book about JumpStory. This is a book about you!

We hope to contribute to a future, where more potential changemakers like you turn into impact makers.

We know from many years of starting companies that ideas are great, but they’re also a peculiar thing. On the one hand they can be extremely powerful, because they can inspire other people to dream and motivate themto create change. On the other hand, ideas need doing and execution, so they don’t turn into merely dreams.



Great innovators and entrepreneurs don’t stop, when they have an idea. They follow it through, and they’re aware that ideas can even be blocking potential impact, because in order to be truly innovative, we sometimes need to escape our old ideas and way of thinking.

Once we’ve realized this, we go through a process – both in our mind and in reality. We move from a dreaming phase, where we define the purpose of our idea, into a doing phase, when the idea is turned into something concrete. A service, a product, a movement.

These phases can overlap, and sometimes we move between them, but at the end of the day, the key is to be able to move from dreaming to doing.

Doers & Dreamers is published as an eBook. Any proceeds from the project are donated 100% to Red Cross in Denmark, where JumpStory is located.

Doers & Dreamers is not a one-topic publication, but hopefully a good friend that can help you in your pursuit to turn dreams into reality. The book contains articles about both the idea phase; the development; the commercialization and the growth.

Some articles are hands-on with concrete tools and goals, whereas others share stories about what works, and what doesn’t.

Without your actions, innovation is just an idea with a promise. Without you, visions remain useless words on a piece of paper.



Before you start diving deeper into the book, please remind yourself that you have a true potential to make a real impact. As human beings we sometimes feel small or bewildered, but when we insist on putting our focus on impact & action instead of only ideas & dreams, we take back the power.

With your power you can change lives no matter your age, ethnicity, education, gender or current job title. Jump on this inspiring journey from dreaming to doing, and if you – at some point – feel lost or small, repeat the words of the wonderful Body Shop-founder Anita Roddick:

‘’If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.’’


About the author

Jonathan Løw is the co-founder of JumpStory. He is one of Denmark’s most well-known entrepreneurs and business authors. He has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and is amongst Denmark’s 100 most promising leaders according to a major Danish business newspaper. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Løw is the former Head of Marketing at the KaosPilots – named Top 10 most innovative business schools in the world by FastCompany. He is also former Startup-Advisor and Investor at Accelerace – the leading investment fund for startups in Denmark.

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