Role of Content Marketing in The Growth of App Startup

August 30, 2022

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Kudos that you have developed a stellar app. But how will you stand out among the 2.87 million apps? 

It is necessary to drive growth to stand out among the rendered competition while you are standing out in the queue. But how? 

It is only possible through content marketing. 

An effective content marketing strategy can unleash the growth of your app to explore the untapped potential. That said, content marketing can grow an audience, drive sales, develop brand awareness, and most importantly grow business. 

In this article, we have shed light on what content marketing is and how it can grow your app startup.

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is part of a marketing strategy that is used to attract, engage and retain the audience by creating content on popular media platforms.  Top performing content formats marketers leverage are blogs, images, videos, and infographics. 

The content marketing approach is established to promote brand awareness and expertise. It makes your business/services at the audience’s top of mind when it’s time to buy what you sell.  According to CMI, 93% of marketers use content marketing. 

Hmm… There have to be reasons why the majority of marketers are embracing content marketing over traditional advertisement. 

To answer that, here are the reasons why content marketing plays a substantial role in growing an app startup.

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Content marketing for app startups: why it’s important? 

Marketing through content can lead to substantial business growth. Having appealing content on your website and social media platforms can give your audience a reason to come back and learn.  

So let’s learn about the crucial role content marketing plays to spike the growth of your app startup.

Great Content Can Position Your Business As Industry Leader

60% of marketers are creating at least one piece of content every day. 

Creating content consistently is a great way to build your brand authority online. If you have an e-commerce app that sells women’s clothing then you can create informational, entertaining, credible, and other types of content around the content pillars to rank higher. 

Additionally, your customers will trust you more if they know you are an industry leader. Your content should demonstrate your expertise in your domain and should add value to the audience and consumers.


Widens The Customer Base 

The importance of content marketing widens your customer base ensuring long-term relationships with your audience. Engaging and value-adding content helps you to reach out to a wider audience because great content gets shared.

Content Marketing Is More Effective And Cost-Effective 

The harsh truth behind traditional marketing is unless you are a big brand no one really cares about your advertisement. 

However, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3x times more leads. Isn’t this an eye-opener to adopt content marketing to increase your app’s growth? 

Content Marketing Results In High Conversion Rate

Great content is not only relatable but also acts as a lead magnet and helps to build strong relationships with the customers. It also plays a significant role in SMS marketing, where creating content can help drive more sales and increase revenues. 

Publishing customer-centric content that invites shares, likes, and comments has a large chance of conversions.  You can conduct polls or ask common questions to create content. You can use this information and tweak it to create more informational and problem-solving content.


Content Marketing Helps To Build Your ‘Brand Voice’ 

Each and every business has its own USP or unique selling point. Therefore, it is important to convince the audience to trust your USP. 

Enter: content marketing 

It is where content comes and becomes a driving force to develop an authoritative voice around your brand and cement your brand’s voice.

Content Marketing Builds Your App Awareness 

There is still time for your app launch?  Why wait for the launch to start with marketing? Start creating buzz around your app with content marketing. 

Content marketing is more than ranking your blog on the first page or your post going viral. It is basically about making your content visible to your potential customers by creating a podcast or an email newsletter template and mailing it to your audience.

To get started with it you can write about popular topics in your domain and begin to create great content around them.

Improves App Store Optimization 

Google loves quality content and so do reputable app stores. Your ultimate goal is to rank high in searches and win the battle. 

But how can you win? 

You can possibly win by emphasizing the meta or app title, description, keyword optimization, and screenshots. Search engine algorithms depend on the keywords and app description. Thus, securing a high rank on a search engine depends on your SEO and content strategy.  However, the inclusion of excessive keywords is not advisable.

man writing a list of keywords 

Builds A Strong Customer Relationship 

A strong content marketing strategy can help you build a robust brand presence online and attract new leads. Quality content not only attracts new leads but also retains old ones. However, once you build a strong relationship with your customers they become loyal to you. They will definitely contribute to your business revenue and encourage your customers to return back to your services.

Content Marketing Thrives The Online Business To Be Self-Dependent 

Content marketing is very important when it comes to lead generation. It allows you to gain more confidence in your messages by not depending on the marketing maneuvers. It gives you the authority to create content around for your targeted audience and focus on your business’s requirements. 

Quality Content Is ‘Evergreen’

Quality content never gets out of style. You can trust us on this as choosing a trendy topic has no expiry. Now you must be wondering what is evergreen content? Right! 

Well, evergreen content is the questions your clients have which will always require an answer. For instance, How to write a blog? Or how to start a side hustle? Or anything that you will always need to inform your audiences about or questions that are required to be answered. These are the kinds of questions audiences keep on searching and you can target them for evergreen content and update or tweak them as the technology evolves.

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Final Verdict: Jumpstart your content marketing game straight away 

‘Content is the king’ 

Creating engaging content is one of the most important steps you can take while marketing your app. 

And you need content marketing to tap your potential client pool. With all these amazing benefits that content marketing brings to the table, it is important to ensure quality and consistency to demonstrate your expertise and increase brand visibility. 

About the author

Piyush Shah is a 6 figure affiliate marketer and has helped grow multiple businesses from nothing to making insane business figures. He is currently working as Head of SEO at Dukaan.

Piyush Shah

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