Pros and Cons of AI Writing Software

December 1, 2022

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Okay, so here you are, writing an article, social media post, newsletter, website copy, or whatever your content marketing needs. And suddenly, the Instagram ad pops up, showing an AI content generator. Tempting… To use or not to use? 

That’s the question every modern writer asks themselves, and the author of this article did have the same dilemma. So, today we’ll try to take a critical look at AI writing software and help all the Hamlets finally decide. 

How can you use AI writing tools?

AI writing software is a pretty common name for different tools. And most platforms like Grammarly, or QuillBot, offer them all. So the first thing we need to figure out before dubbing AI content generators “good” or “bad” is what services they offer us today. 

Generating ideas

The first way you can use AI writing software is by generating ideas. All writers experience the days when they run out of thoughts, and all they can do is sit and stare at the blank page. And that’s where AI writers are on. 

You can set any subject, and artificial intelligence will generate massive amounts of copies. With them, in turn, you will move the needle and develop the idea further. 


Another difficulty any author may face time after time is how to explain the same things in hundreds of different ways. Let’s be honest, even for the most professional and talented writers creating content on similar or close topics is quite challenging. No one wants to repeat themselves, and everyone wants to be original and unique. 

With a paraphrasing tool, you are not alone in this battle for exclusivity. Some software, for example, the above-mentioned QuillBot, even lets you choose the manner you want to paraphrase your copy in: more formal, more informal, simpler, more creative, and all that jazz. 

QuillBot Paraphraser

Grammar checker

Sure thing, writers are supposed to be literate people. But even if they are linguistics professors, that doesn’t mean they won’t ever miss letters or punctuation marks while writing in the creative flow. And thanks to the grammar checker, they don’t even have to think about it. 

In addition, this tool shows you if your copy is hard to understand or if some words are used incorrectly. Grammarly 


And the final feature writers can use is creating a copy from scratch. Artificial intelligence, in a split second, analyzes billions of sources and provides you with masses of variants. The copies are created on the topics you set and in accordance with the required tone of voice, type, and size. Thus, you can get ready emails, article sections, social media posts, ad content, or even songs. 

What disadvantages does AI have?

And here is just one you need to remember. 

                   It’s copywriting, but still not writing

AI is not a complete writer who understands how to combine words and phrases into a copy, which is unique, entertaining, and optimized for SEO. Yes, it does analyze heaps of data, and it can find anything online, but the way AI writing assistant uses what it finds is not quite creative. Such tools basically just provide you with the text they copied from billions of resources, so sometimes the content can be plagiarized a lot or full nonsense. 

We don’t say AI writing software is useless or bad, though. This aspect doesn’t cancel all the above-mentioned advantages. It just requires a certain attitude to this technology: AI needs human writers to double or even triple-check the content it produces. 

How to use AI writing software?

Certain attitude, right? But what do we mean by this “certain attitude”? Of course, all of us writers have our own working styles, and this rule is applied to using different tools while writing as well. And here, we will share the basic concept of how not to harm your content when working with AI. 

Make it your friend

Take it the way it sounds. Artificial intelligence should become the buddy you call to ask if your ideas are good, if there is anything wrong with the article you wrote, or if they can help you cause your brain is too tired and empty to produce anything. Don’t make it do the work for yourself, but let it give you a hand and make your workflow easier. 

Don’t rely on it too much 

Buddies can let you down sometimes, and that’s okay. AI writing tools don’t give you any guarantee of writing a masterpiece. And that’s also okay. The content they give you is just one more idea, one more perspective, one more option to use, but never a complete and ready copy. One way or another, it will need the writer’s review and corrections. 

Always double-check it

Always, with no exceptions. Since you already know the way AI content generators actually generate content (copying from a bunch of other websites), you realize how important having a writer’s eye on them is. Even the corrections suggested by grammar checkers can sometimes be wrong because, for now, AI knows the rules but doesn’t always understand how to use them. Authors can make mistakes intentionally, use inversion or double negative, and most AI writing software will consider all of those literary devices as mistakes and correct them. So, never do we neglect to double-check artificial intelligence. 


To use or not use?

That was the question at the beginning of this article. And the answer is actually up to you, especially since you know all pros and cons. But if you need our opinion – take a chance on it. Why not use AI tools when there is a need to use them? Just do it right, and may luck be with you 🍀 

About the author

Alina works as a Content Manager at Synebo, and one of her greatest passions is writing. She blogs about marketing, time management, web development, and cutting-edge technologies. Aside from content creation, Alina is a huge music, coffee and cat lover. Thus, she spends days drinking her Chemex while crafting something nice for you to read and nights singing along with her cat.

Alina Dolbenska

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