The Power of Partnerships

January 6, 2020

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Why use JumpStory?

- Save time:
  We've curated the best   images for you.

- Save money:

  Unlimited use from $23   per month.

Are you working as Head of Marketing, Head of Content, Product Owner, or in another role in a SaaS platform or digital marketing agency? Then please keep on reading.

At JumpStory we believe in the power of partnerships – both big and small ones. You will simply get further when you push together! Below you can read about 3 of our most recent partnerships with amazing SaaS companies like APSIS, Sleeknote, and Plecto …

APSIS – integrating 10 million photos & videos in your SaaS platform

APSIS is the leading marketing automation platform in Scandinavia. Our partnership with APSIS enables them to offer all of their users direct access to more than 10 million free images, videos, illustrations, and icons. JumpStory’s image library is integrated into the APSIS platform using our simple API. APSIS is also using our AI-technology to enable their users to match text with relevant images in a matter of seconds.

Access to visual content is one of the toughest challenges for marketing platforms in both the Nordics and the rest of the world. Even global giants such as Mailchimp have very limited access to images and videos. That is why APSIS expects the partnership with JumpStory will help marketers crack the visual content code.

Read more about how you can do the same with your SaaS product or platform!

Sleeknote – doing cool webinars together and driving traffic

Sleeknote is a leading provider of intelligent popups for intuitive marketers and has everything you need to collect emails, boost sales, and get more customers.

Together with Sleeknote we did a very popular webinar about how to pick and use images that will dramatically increase your conversion rates. This is obviously a much less demanding partnership than the one with APSIS, but it still created a lot of buzz, interest and traffic between our two SaaS companies.

Plecto – co-writing blog-posts

Using Plecto you can customize your own dashboard and visualise team performance across Marketing and Sales. Together with Plecto we write inspiring content and share it on our respective blog channels to create value and traffic both ways.

For instance we have written this blog about how to increase your sales performance using visual content and visualization.

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