Analytic software open on a laptop

How to Name Events in Google Analytics

Each correctly configured Google Analytics account has an events tracking feature set up. It helps us to better understand how, why, and where the action

Why is Local Search Important?

What is “local search”? You have most likely already heard about SEO, also known as optimization for browsers and you probably also have a good

The Power of Partnerships

Are you working as Head of Marketing, Head of Content, Product Owner, or in another role in a SaaS platform or digital marketing agency? Then

Are Your Images in the Right Framework?

Introduction Pictures, videos, and illustrations are excellent. As a species, humans are more receptive visually than they are with words and letters. Our eyes are

The Science Behind Why We See Color

The world is beautiful and full of color. However, the way we see these colors can vary significantly depending on the person and depending on

The Story Behind JumpStory

In the Summer of 2019, JumpStory co-founder Jonathan Low was invited to do a keynote at the major tech-event LOGIN in Europe. Together with other