Our Exciting Journey Within AI and Authentic Visuals – By the Founders of JumpStory

February 6, 2024

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As a small startup we began our journey in generative AI back in 2019. Back then we did our first fledgling experiments, and just like today we were fascinated and skeptical at the same time.

We were fascinated because we could see some obvious opportunities to make it easier for people to create illustrations, icons, 3D images, etc. via AI.

We were skeptical because humanity and authenticity are core values in our company. Could AI risk making the world more fake? Was it even compatible with our own journey?


Jonathan Løw & Anders Thiim, founders of JumpStory


JumpStory was created as an alternative to cliché and picture-perfect stock photos

Over the following years, we have curated one of the internet’s largest collections of authentic photos and videos. Relatable visuals and powerful photos of people like you and me.

Thanks to JumpStory, marketers, bloggers, designers, freelancers etc. have gotten a strong alternative to the cliché stock photos from platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Deposit Photos, Unsplash etc.

Gone are the portraits of supermodels and perfect AI-images of us humans and some ideals that are completely impossible and unhealthy to live up to.

Since our launch we’ve managed to become a significant player in visual content on the web. We’ve got users from +150 different countries and we have the highest satisfaction score in the industry, when you look at review platforms like Trustpilot, G2 and Capterra.



The launch of our new AI-tool EVERYDAY

Moving to today, JumpStory soon launches our long-awaited and unique AI tool EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY, like everything else we create, has been created based on our core values of authenticity; relatability and limitless possibilities.

We’ve never been fans of filters or superficiality. We have always had a bit of a hard time with the stock photo industry, which we are often put in. We feel like this because our technology is being developed to contribute to a future with more authenticity; more of real life and less staging and perfection.

This approach has given us access to service a segment that shares our values. They have become increasingly loyal, but as we grow, so does our user base. They have new wishes and needs, and for example, they would like us to increase the creative options on the platform.

They ask for even more photos, illustrations, icons, etc., and that the creative tools will also increase. That we are slowly moving from being a stock photo platform to becoming the ultimate platform for everyone who works with content marketing.



Can authenticity and artificial intelligence be combined?

We totally understand these needs, and we’re going to create exactly this. However, we’re not going to do it in the same way as AI-generators like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion etc.

We will continue to focus on relatable and down-to-earth images – even when they’re created by AI.

Within content marketing, which is ‘our space’, authenticity is key for it to have a true impact. Authenticity may at first seem difficult to combine with AI, but this is actually not the case if you dig a little deeper.

For JumpStory, it has never been about whether a given photo was taken by a professional photographer or created by artificial intelligence. In fact, most of the images on our existing platform are created by happy amateurs, and for them, the essence is the same as the model, we’re creating for our AI EVERYDAY:

To show a natural and relatable everyday life and reality.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has put it this way:

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”



EVERYDAY was created and will be developed in the future with a desire for more diversity; relatable role models and empathy in any context.

EVERYDAY, like JumpStory, will strive to be:

  • simple to use for everyone
  • positive for our common narrative
  • financially accessible to as many people as possible.

We look very much forward to the journey and hope that you will join us.

All the best,

Anders Thiim & Jonathan Løw
– founders of JumpStory

About the author

Jonathan Løw is the co-founder of JumpStory. He is one of Denmark’s most well-known entrepreneurs and business authors. He has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and is amongst Denmark’s 100 most promising leaders according to a major Danish business newspaper. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Jonathan Løw is the former Head of Marketing at the KaosPilots – named Top 10 most innovative business schools in the world by FastCompany. He is also former Startup-Advisor and Investor at Accelerace – the leading investment fund for startups in Denmark.

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