Online Marketing In Times of Coronavirus Pandemic

March 22, 2021
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How to do marketing during the coronavirus pandemic? In which channels you should invest money? Is it worth it now? These are questions that many companies, sellers, and small traders have certainly asked themselves since the last spring. We will try to answer them in the following lines.

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Marketing During Coronavirus

The fact that the economy (market) is facing a downturn and a crisis, is practically an inevitable situation. Some companies, especially those in tourism and catering, have already felt it during last spring and summer.

Unfortunately, the current situation will only strengthen this slowdown.

As with any crisis, it is a disaster for some and an opportunity for others. For example, online portals with food delivery are experiencing a real “boom” these days.

Online Marketing Priorities

It is important now to re-evaluate your spending on offline marketing and put everything into online marketing. And why would it be like that?

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Since the end of February 2020, the daily time users spend on Facebook, has increased by almost 25%! The number of visitors to the news portals is almost double compared to previous periods.

Most people currently work from home and spend more time online, where they are currently looking for business partners whom they can trust. It could be for delivering food or clothing or buying from a drugstore.

Focus on Your E-Shop During Coronavirus

For example, during the Christmas season, the time spent on the internet and e-shops was multiple times bigger. In addition, the whole purchase process is currently faster.

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Because at a time of restrictions and home offices, families are at home almost all day and they can decide, for example, whether to buy a new sofa immediately. Previously, these things were postponed until there was a time when the whole family would be home at weekends, etc.

And what does all this mean? That whether the crisis hit you or not, try to get the most out of it, take it as a new opportunity to strengthen your business. Develop an effective strategy that considers both the time during the epidemic and quarantine and the time that will come after it.

It is important for your customer to know that he has support in you even during this difficult time because he will trust the brands, he is able to trust now, and he will maintain his trust even when life returns back to “normal”.

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Improve Your Online Presence

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to sell your product on the internet (ie. you don’t have an e-shop) and the restrictions affect you so much that you have to reduce your business activity or even stop it for a while. Even so, try to make full and meaningful use of this time.

This period is ideal, for example, for re-designing the website, market analysis, launching online activities, sales via social media, and other activities for which you did not have time before. Try to use the time effectively.

Another way to effectively use the time and spend this period actively is the possibility of visiting webinars and online training. Nowadays their offer is wide, and you can enable education not only for yourself but also for your employees and gain more knowledge.

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Remember that the crisis will end one day, and it might be YOU who will be one step ahead of the competition. In every crisis, there is a winner and a loser. Be the winner! Be active, be visible!

About the author

Marek Hájek is the owner of the marketing agency Yesmark, which provides services in the fields of online marketing. Mainly in the design of websites, management and optimization of PPC campaigns, and content creation on social media. 

Marek has been involved in online marketing since university when he also founded Yesmark agency together with his friend.