Mobile Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Business

February 27, 2023

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Think about your own Internet use. How often do you use a computer? How often do you use your mobile phone?

Unless you have a job that involves sitting at a desk all day, it’s likely that most of your Internet use happens via your smartphone. And, even those who have computer jobs spend a lot of time surfing the web on their mobile phones.

Because of this, you need to adapt your marketing efforts accordingly so that your business can thrive.

By the end of 2022, it was estimated that mobile advertising expenditure around the world will reach a record figure of $327.1 billion. With so many other companies investing in this form of marketing, you really cannot afford to get left behind.

But, how do you develop a mobile marketing strategy? What are some of the best mobile marketing tools and approaches you can use to ensure success? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is any type of advertising activity that promotes services or products via mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

This approach uses contemporary mobile technology, such as location services, to tailor marketing campaigns based on the location of the individual.

Mobile advertising is highly effective because it lends itself beautifully to personalized promotion. Plus, just think about how many people use the Internet on mobile devices today – 4.32 billion, to be precise!

How mobile marketing can help your business?

There are a number of different benefits that are associated with mobile marketing, including the following:

  • Mobile marketing can deliver instant results
  • You can reach a broader market of people
  • Mobile advertising is portable, meaning you can advertise to people no matter where they are
  • Mobile phones are incredibly convenient to use, and customers crave convenience
  • People can go from ad to purchase with ease thanks to mobile payment

Moreover, mobile technology means you can track user responses to improve your campaigns, as well as that your marketing ads will have great viral potential. 

Mobile marketing strategies

There are a number of different strategies you can use to increase mobile conversions, including the following:

In-app marketing

You cannot ignore the app market. From WhatsApp and Instagram to Telegram and TikTok, there are many apps that people have installed on their phones.

Different types of in-app advertising you can leverage include interstitial ads, video ads, native advertising, and display advertising.

Proximity marketing

This is a kind of location-based marketing, which enables you to leverage Bluetooth to discover where possible customers are so that you can target them with the most suitable promotions.

We have seen brands leverage proximity marketing to full effect in a number of ways. For example, Toyota uses this form of advertising to drive foot traffic to their local car dealerships.

They made the most of location and neighborhood data to tap into visitation patterns over the past three months. They also created look-a-like audiences so they could reach the most relevant potential consumers in their location.

Geolocation marketing

As mentioned, proximity marketing is a form of location marketing. However, there are plenty of other options available here.

Location-based marketing results in better responses and more engagement because the adverts are much more relevant to where mobile users are right now and what they’re doing.

For example, if you run a restaurant, you can use location-based marketing to send targeted promotions to those new to the area.

Social media marketing

Of course, we cannot talk about mobile marketing without mentioning social media marketing.

Social media makes it easier than ever before for brands to develop personal connections with their customers via messages and comments.

You can also boost your conversions and increase brand awareness via consumer recommendations and referrals.

While some businesses decide to concentrate solely on organic social media content, it’s becoming more and more common for customers to use paid social marketing to supplement this and enjoy quicker results.

Some of your different options here include LinkedIn-promoted posts or ads, promoted pins or shoppable pins on Pinterest, promoted tweets on Twitter, and boosted posts or ads on Facebook.

SMS marketing

Last but not least, we have SMS marketing, which involves marketing via sending SMS text messages. This is also known as text marketing.

You require permission for this form of marketing. However, if you receive it, you can send coupons, deals, promotions, announcements, and other alerts straight to a customer’s phone in 160 characters or less.

Text messaging is ideal because they have high engagement and open rates. Research shows that typical SMS open rates are between 90 and 99 percent. Furthermore, click-through rates significantly surpass email click-through rates.

Mobile marketing tools

There are a number of different mobile marketing tools you can use to implement your campaign successfully. Some of the best are as follows:

1. Criteo 

There’s only one place to begin, and this is with Crieto. Criteo Dynamic Retargeting aims to provide users with the right ad at the right moment during their shopping experience. After all, we all know that some ads are better suited to mobile than desktop, and vice-versa. Research shows Criteo generates an average ROI of 13x ad spend.

2. SMSGlobal 

SMSGlobal gives you the ability to schedule and automate SMS workflows to build customer relationships by increasing your brand awareness.

You can create SMS marketing and staggered advertising campaigns, as well as set keyword triggers and automate SMS. You can schedule your text messages, use opt-ins to keep your contact list updated and use the opt-out manager for compliance. The great thing is that both a live demo and a free trial are offered, so you can really get a feel as to whether this software is right or not for you before handing over your money.

3. Yahoo Gemini! 

This is Yahoo’s offering for search engine marketing, native advertising, and of course, mobile marketing.

While Google dominates the world of search, Yahoo still has a role to play and this advertising solution is affordable and delivers great results.

4. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting makes it affordable, quick, and simple to send SMS marketing campaigns and have engaging one-on-one conversations with your customers. Like SMSGlobal, a live demo and a free trial are both offered. It’s easy to send personalized texts, track who clicks on your links, and incorporate photos in your text messages.

You can have two-way conversations, and you can either import your own contact list or build one in the platform. From HR and recruiting to sales and support, marketing and promotions, text-for-info, and reminders, you can use SimpleTexting for all your SMS communication needs. 

5. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage has been established so that you can deliver an outstanding marketing campaign across each stage of the consumer journey, driving efficient growth and more sales. It’s not only mobile marketing that Marketo Engage provides.

They also offer revenue attribution, customer base marketing, consumer marketing, email marketing, lead management, and account-based marketing, so this is a great option if you’re looking for something more than SMS.

6. Emotive 

If you want an automated text solution that really does have a human feel, we highly recommend Emotive. Emotive delivers two-way SMS conversations that convert five times better when compared with one-way mass texting. It only takes one click to set this solution up, making it super-efficient.

The feedback is excellent, but you can try it for yourself first, as Emotive offers a 30-day trial too. Conversational marketing is certainly the way forward, and that’s exactly what Emotive is all about.

7. Drip 

Another solution to consider when it comes to SMS marketing is Drip. Drip enables you to generate much more revenue by putting together a compelling, branded SMS campaign. Drip is another product that doesn’t only deal in SMS marketing, but also offers email marketing too.

Plus, as most people know, blending your email and SMS marketing together is a great way to boost your results. The visual workflow builder makes it easy to create marketing campaigns that deliver more revenue for your business.

8. Attentive 

Last but not least, we have Attentive, which is a personalized SMS marketing solution that drives 18.5% of total online revenue for some of the country’s top brands. That’s an impressive statistic! You can enter your business email on the homepage to get a free demo.

Attentive has its own playbook, so you know exactly what you need to do to increase your revenue. Plus, you get all of the tools you need to make your campaign as engaging as possible!

Don’t fall behind the competition: use mobile marketing to soar!

As you can see, mobile marketing has a significant role to play when it comes to reaching new customers and strengthening your relationships with existing consumers.

If you don’t adopt an effective mobile marketing strategy, you’re only going to get left behind. Use the ideas we have provided above to get started, but don’t hesitate to enlist professional assistance if you’re struggling to make your mark.

About the author

Sabrina Sedicot is an experienced content writer working with Appnova, a creative web design agency London. She works on projects across eCommerce, Branding & Content Production. She’s inspired by all forms of digital storytelling and interested in creating tailored solutions that can deliver experiences to build brands.


Sabrina Sedicot

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