Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn – Why It’s The Perfect Choice

April 28, 2022

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LinkedIn is a social media platform often overlooked by business owners and marketers. However, LinkedIn can be a potent tool for marketing your business.

This blog post will discuss why LinkedIn Marketing Outreach is essential for your business. We’ll also share some tips for marketing your business on LinkedIn. So, if you’re looking to expand your reach and grow your business, read on!

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a professional social network. It’s all about career development, connecting people in their industry, and making new connections for business-related discussions that can help you grow your company or firm more efficiently than ever before!

You may be thinking that LinkedIn is just for professionals and job seekers, but you can also use it to grow your business. From every PPC Marketing Agency to Fast Food Chain, everyone uses LinkedIn as a professional social media platform. With over 300 million members worldwide (and counting), there are plenty of opportunities out there waiting!

LinkedIn marketing is the process of utilizing LinkedIn’s platform to drive traffic to your website, foster business relationships, generate leads, improve brand awareness, make connections, and share business content. With the ability to expand one’s professional network, LinkedIn has become an integral part of many successful marketing strategies today.

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Why Use LinkedIn As A Business Marketing Platform?

LinkedIn is the perfect platform to market your business because it’s designed for professionals. With LinkedIn, you can connect with other business owners and professionals in your industry to create relationships and share your expertise.

Plus, LinkedIn provides powerful tools to help you reach more people and grow your business through a successful Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Still not convinced? Here are 6 benefits of marketing your business on LinkedIn:

A Variety Of Uses

LinkedIn is a great way to build your business and make new connections. You can use LinkedIn to post updates about what you’re doing on the site or share articles that relate to one another – all while building up an online portfolio for yourself!

It’s also an amazing way to stay up-to-date with what other professionals are doing, learn new skills or insights from them (and get paid!), and grow your network of connections, which helps you promote your business better!

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More Leads Than Any Other Social Media Platform

For businesses looking for marketing help, it’s clear that LinkedIn is an essential tool. A recent study found that LinkedIn marketing can generate up to 277% more leads on average than those engaged in Facebook-based campaigns alone!

LinkedIn is also the leading social media channel for B2B marketers and accounts for 80% of their leads.

More Connections

Marketing your business on LinkedIn is a great way to connect with other professionals in their industry and share information. You can build relationships, exchange ideas on how best to handle certain issues or challenges that may arise within your company, and make new friends who will help you grow!

More Business

LinkedIn is a helpful resource to reach more people and grow your business. The better connections, the higher chance of landing a customer! It’s time to start exploring how the Huge Network of this social media could benefit not only yourself but also all those who depend upon YOUR success as well.

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Market Your Job Openings

You can also market your job openings on LinkedIn to attract new talent and keep the competition at bay.

LinkedIn Marketing Is Effective

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for businesses and professionals to market themselves. A recent study showed that 40% of businesses looking to attract high-quality leads use LinkedIn as their primary marketing channel as they believe it to be the most effective.

8 Tips For LinkedIn Marketing Outreach:

Using LinkedIn as a platform for business is not just about showing up and being active. It’s also essential to have an engaging output tone of voice, which will draw people in with your professional personality instead of pushy marketing tactics.

You should have a clear plan for marketing on LinkedIn. It’s not quite like other social media sites. Make sure to create an engaging content strategy tailored specifically toward this network audience!

Here are a few tips for building a successful LinkedIn Marketing Outreach strategy:

1. Building Vast Connections!

LinkedIn is a great place to share other people’s content. LinkedIn’s algorithm allows for the sharing and linking of blogs and websites. This means that as long you post content with value and relevance to your audience, you will find success in posting other people’s work!

Suppose you’re linking directly to the author’s website. In that case, it is unnecessary to actually mention them (and it is not actually considered plagiarism), but credit should still be given! Tag them in your post or use a hashtag specific to their business so that people know where you found this information.

Who knows? They might share your post with their followers, or comment under the post, which introduces you to an audience of customers.

2. Hashtag Supremacy!

Hashtags are an easy way to make your social media posts more engaging, and they can change how you market on LinkedIn! They’re not just for adding emphasis and increasing visibility; they actually serve a purpose.

Hashtags are like the energizing push you need to get your message across. If used correctly, they can help grow an audience and tap into new industries or niches that might otherwise be off-limits for business growth. But using too many or the incorrect ones might hinder reach into new audiences and industries!

When you’re looking to use hashtags, it’s important that they are relevant and popular. You can do hashtag research on LinkedIn by using the search bar or scanning through posts for specific keywords in your field of interest.

man looking through binoculars

What are the best hashtags for my industry? First, it’s important to know which one will work in each niche. For example, if you’re looking at hashtags for a PPC Marketing Agency and want something with a higher chance of success, try including terms such as: “#ppcmarketing” or “#paidsearchmarketingstrategy.”

When you are starting, aim for three to five hashtags to reach your desired audience. Don’t get fixated on high numbers, and remember not all popular accounts have thousands following them!

Hashtags are a great way to narrow your reach on LinkedIn, but there’s, even more, you can do with them! The best hashtags will help guide people in finding content that suits their interests and provides valuable information.

person writing

3. Posting On LinkedIn

The bold and quick posts on LinkedIn will get your message across. The long-form stories capture readers’ attention, leading to a longer dwell time in the app for both of these types of content – make sure you have it all planned out!

The key to being a successful thought leader is balance. You don’t want your audience’s attention lost in an overwhelming amount of content, nor do you need such short posts that they feel like nothing more than spammy noise pollution on their timeline (no one wants those). Instead, find That Happy Medium where it’s just enough for people who really care but not too much as well!

Varying the length of your posts can help you keep relevant and exciting content that gets people excited. You’ll have something new for them every time!

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4. Differentiate Between Your Business LinkedIn Profile And LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn pages can now be followed without sending a connection and waiting for approval. This means that when an individual shares your page with their connections, those people will automatically become followers of yours allowing for high engagement rates!

LinkedIn has two types of profiles; pages and individuals. Pages are public, with the primary purpose being to grow businesses’ audiences. Individual accounts serve as an extension for people who want more control over their personal branding through limited sharing settings that can be adjusted on a per-profile basis.

LinkedIn Profiles allow you to have one-on-one, private conversations with your connections who request access. LinkedIn profiles are a great way to stand out from the crowd and build your business. Whether you’re in consulting, sales, or direct-sales work environments, having one will help get more clients than ever before!

The two LinkedIn entities can work together to craft the perfect marketing workflow. An excellent example of this would be if you use LinkedIn to promote your business by being listed as an employee on the company page. When someone visits your personal profile they will also see all of our work!

5. Grow Your Business Email List

It is a good idea to personalize your messages on LinkedIn by writing thank you letters and inviting connections into email marketing lists. LinkedIn lets you message 50 people at a time, but you can add about 300 others to your list with this method!

When looking for new customers, it’s vital that your email list is reciprocal. That means telling them what they will receive by signing up and offering to look at something of yours, a fairly noncommittal way to garner goodwill in your customers!

man writing

6. Give A Face To The Business!

Give your employees a voice and a face by getting them to create and complete their profiles on LinkedIn. It’s important to include relevant photos and a job history that shows how their work has helped your company. You can also get them to list any professional connections they have in the area of business you’re interested in hiring them for, if applicable.

7. Get Access To Hyper-Targeted Customers

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for targeting your customers with precision, and it’s never been easier! Now you can find out who in the targeted industry would buy from YOU – not just people who like or follow what YOUR company offers on social media.

Small businesses can zero in on their industry, company size, and job role to target customers with ads that will end up with them buying your product.

For example, if we are a small business owner looking for new customers but don’t know exactly how to target them- LinkedIn has got us covered! With detailed demographics about each user, including education level & income brackets, there’s no guesswork involved when developing creative campaigns designed exclusively around reaching those individuals who might be interested in the services provided by us.

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8. Consistency Is Key!

LinkedIn is a social media platform that can generate content with long lifespans. What it does not need, however, are constant updates or publishing on an ongoing basis. This requires regular posts for your feed and profile page to remain fresh and exciting! However, consistency is extremely vital as well.

If you’re publishing content regularly, such as daily or weekly blog posts, with the goal of building trust in your network and increasing traffic for those who follow them – then stick to this schedule. If not sure, what’s best? Start by consistently posting once per week before scaling up from there based on how successful these were!

It’s important to choose a schedule that works for your business and stick with it. Find out which days or times of the week get you the most engagement, then make those part of publishing content on this platform!


LinkedIn is a powerful business marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored. With over 500 million users, it’s the perfect platform to market your products and services. The best part? It’s effective!

To make the most of marketing your business on LinkedIn, follow our tips for posting and reaching out to more potential customers.

About the author

Anas Reaz got his Bachelors in Commerce from the University of Alberta in Canada. He was a valuable employee at ExxonMobil for 7 years with notable roles of AV Track Lead, App Lead, and Digital Support Advisor. Currently, he is the Digital Marketing Director of AMZ One Step and Out Origin, two leading digital marketing firms based in Canada with a dense portfolio of high-profile brands clientele.

Anas Reaz

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